The Importance of Social Networks in Digital Marketing

Social networks are attracting more and more people on the Internet. First related to a hobby, these platforms have become real marketing assets for companies. It is now essential for businesses to learn how to use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat to address new targets, increase likes and develop digital marketing strategies. This new communication channel not only makes it possible to strengthen the company’s presence on the Internet, but also to increase the number of customers and to recruit future employees differently. If for a long time, having a website and social networks was a simple plus for companies, it is no longer imaginable today to do without it.

Continued growth

Social networks, in particular, have experienced exponential growth over the past ten years. Their primary asset is its simplicity and speed. For most users, they are intuitive, require no user manual, and present no difficulty in accessing information. It is enough for a surfer to discover a product, a service, or a person who interests him so that he immediately informs his entire community.


Therefore, the potential of social networks is enormous for companies that want to develop their customer base, brand image, and turnover. The significant advantage of systems is also the possibility of influencing a panel of people according to their interests but without having the feeling of being guided.

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Immediate customer feedback

The main advantage of social networks is the proximity to the customers they offer to businesses. It is a direct communication channel that allows users to share their experience with the product or service. This is an aspect that is not always found in other marketing and communication media. Of course, by exposing your company to social media, you run the risk of negative comments harmful to the brand. It should not be seen as a danger, but on the contrary, the opportunity to bounce back on the negative opinion and to offer an individual solution to the user.

Most of the users gladly talk about their misadventures on the Internet. As it will be impossible for you to eliminate negative comments present on the net, you might as well control them by responding to complaints, which will be easier if the comments are on your own networks rather than on various consumer forums.


In the event of recurring remarks, you will be able to report the problem to your employees and think about how to correct this trend. Therefore, the general rule is to regulate its networks without leaving consumers left to fend for themselves. Positive opinions meanwhile, will enhance the product and indirectly, the company’s brand image.

By remaining attentive to all comments, we can anticipate customer expectations and adopt the best strategy. The latter may relate to the innovations to be made to the products or the marketing arguments that will make them a success. In addition, the opinions of consumers are often heard more than the discourse, sometimes deemed too commercial, of the brand. The user feels reassured by his peers’ views: if a product is advised and recommended by hundreds of Internet users, then it is very likely that it will suit me too.

Social networks must complement a more classic marketing strategy that we centered on the official website. The objective is then to generate additional traffic from these networks and thus to convert these visitors into customers.

Final Words

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