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7 Ways to Find the Perfect Partner for Your Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy

When you work with an Instagram influencer, it will provide you an excellent opportunity for your social marketing campaign.  As you already know that organic reach is decreasing on Instagram and the advertising cost is rising, promoting your business or brand, or content through an influencer partnership can help you to achieve your marketing goals quickly.

Unlike advertisements and branded posts, the content influencers produce can deliver the message and enhance the image of your brand significantly.

After all, the followers of any influencer see them as a good friend rather than as a self-servicing brand. In other words, their word-of-mouth marketing strategy works like a reliable recommendation amongst their Instagram followers even if they use the paid partnership feature of Instagram.


No matter how small or big your business is Instagram influencers can help you to drive results and build trust among your social media followers. This is why you should choose influencers wisely.

In this article, we will discuss 7 ways to find Instagram influencers to increase your brand awareness. Let’s get started.

1. Notice The Engagement Rate on Instagram

When an Instagram influencer has a high engagement rate on their profile, it simply means that their followers are communicating and paying attention to them as well as their content. This is the main reason why most businesses notice the engagement rate to shortlist an ideal influencer.

Try to choose an influencer who has an engagement rate of 3-4% on each post. An engagement rate of 7-8% is excellent, whereas 10-20% is considered as a ‘viral’ influencer. If you’re confused to calculate the engagement rate on Instagram, then just divide their average number of comments and like by their follower’s number, then multiply by 100 to get the percentage answer.

However, this task could get difficult as Instagram hides the number of likes in some countries.

2. Check If the Followers Are Relevant to Your Business

Undoubtedly you should choose Instagram influencers who have followers relevant to your business. For example, if you’re a sports brand, then you must build a partnership with influencers who have audiences similar to your business, such as football players or tennis players.

To determine if the audiences of an influencer match your brand’s image, you should consider looking at some facts such as geographic distribution, gender, age, approximate income, and language.

Remember that your main goal is to partner with an influencer who has relevant audiences as per your business.

3. Check Their Audiences and Followers

The number of followers of an influencer isn’t as important as you think. The engagement rate on Instagram decreases once the follower base starts growing. This is why influencers with fewer followers have more engagement rate than influencers with massive followers.

That being said, you can also partner with influencers with a fewer number of followers. Don’t assume that influencers with a massive number of followers can’t help you to boost your business. You just have to make sure the influencer is ideal for your business or brand.

4. Don’t Forget to Check Their Reach

On Instagram, ‘reach’ can be calculated by determining the number of users who engage with content. This is one of the most important metrics to determine the value of an influencer.

tips for instagram influencer marketing

However, you cannot calculate the reach of an influencer all by yourself. You can either use some third-party tools or ask them for their social media statistics.

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5. Budget Requirement is Important

Another important thing to keep in mind when finding an ideal influencer is how much money they ask. Some businesses offer free products and merchandise to influencers instead of paying a particular amount. However, this scenario is changing.

Some influencers only accept a monthly flat rate, while some charge depending on the number of leads or sales they generate for the business.

6. Review Their Content

Apart from checking the number of followers, you should also analyze the content that an influencer is uploading across different social media channels. This will help you to understand their niche perfectly.

Not every influencer can receive higher performance with a great aesthetic. Often, the best results are very much dependent on the original content of a post.

If you don’t analyze the content of an influencer before collaborating, you might end up partnering with an influencer who lacks influence in the niche.

7. Consider Micro-Influencers

If you’re new to the Instagram influencer marketing campaign, then you should get started by partnering with micro-influencers.

You might think that influencers with a massive number of followers are ideal for your business, but that’s not the case all the time.

As per Buffer, the influencers who have less than 10,000 followers are considered micro-influencers. Moreover, it’s not wise to neglect them as micro-influencers have a higher engagement rate. Their charges are also affordable and they can generate great results.


These are the 7 ways to find an ideal partner for your Instagram influencer marketing campaign. Remember that the relationship of influencer marketing is one-sided, but they’ll work a lot better if the relationship becomes mutual. To create a relationship that can benefit both your brand and the influencer, regularly communicate and interact with them as well as the content they’re uploading.

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