7 Tools to Help You Automate the Content Flow in Your Blog

Digital marketing is at its peak now. Most of its strategies involve a regular and consistent approach, which could get mundane at some point. Moreover, these repetitive tasks are time-consuming and require a lot of energy from a performer.

Whether you are a beginner or have an already established audience, setting out to reach them regularly might be indeed a challenging task. Here is where automation enters, with tools that have become a necessary aid in digital marketing, one adopted by paid survey apps.

You might be already familiar with many such tools. However, with the landscape of content flow changing every day, it is best to equip yourself with the best options for the next year.


Social media channels are an unavoidable part of marketing these days. Planning the feed has become a very strenuous yet necessary process for brands.

Agorapulse is primarily a social media management tool that comes with some nifty automation features. If your audience falls in the age-group that uses social media the most, Agorapulse is an excellent way to attract attention.

It can be applied by the businesses in any sphere. As an example of content-related field, for a popular essay writing services such as EssayPro, this tool could make the difference when it comes to social media posts creating and monitoring.

You can schedule content, post in cycles and organize your feed across different social media platforms. It also includes impressive qualifiers to identify the influencers and ambassadors in your followers’ list. works by designing automated experiences for the clients. The aim is to reinforce the business-customer relationship by allowing flexibility into the automation.

Whether you work for a research paper writing service or an eCommerce website, you can use the metrics and optimization from the website to understand customer behaviours and tailor the interactions accordingly.

Users can also develop workflow integration on a variety of platforms, integrating third party programs and software as well. offers customer management and advanced technical support for the premium members.


Marketo is a popular automation tool among content creators. Adobe recently acquired the product. Combined with the Adobe Experience Cloud, it is one of the most refined automation solutions providing efficient customer experience management.

Users can benefit from email and social marketing, budget management, lead generation, and nurturing, webpage personalization and plenty more with this one tool.


Exponea uses customer data and helps your blogs to unite different multimedia and social platforms. As a centralized customer data platform, it helps in analyzing and monitoring.

Exponea aims at providing a unified customer experience across all digital platforms. It also allows personalization on each platform, depending on which network an individual prefers the most. It comes with an interactive calendar to manage all campaigns along with a testing option.


SendinBlue has evolved into a marketing automation tool that personalizes client experiences with your brand.

With this tool, blogs can automate email and SMS marketing to generate content flow. It also serves as a CRM instrument by keeping track of all customer data in one place. It uses segmentation to target marketing to specific categories of audience.

Users can use SendinBlue to develop landing pages, signup forms, and Facebook ads by targeting and automated message systems. It is also one of the most affordable options on this list with varying prices depending on the features selected.


This cloud-based CRM tool comes with digital marketing automation integration. LeadSquared is specially designed to blend the best of management and marketing. It provides better accessibility and helps generate more leads with the content.

You can send targeted newsletters as inbound emails, create online campaigns and include chat support right from the website. Additionally, LeadSquared offers analytics and reports. Those can be used to improve your blog performance.

Revive Social

Revive Social has two separate tools for WordPress bloggers, Revive Network and Revive Old Post. They essentially work as a plugin to your website.

The tool allows you to manage content flow across different platforms. While Revive Network focuses on social media, the later allows you to schedule and automate posts from websites to all the networks.

Much like the name suggests, Revive Old Post enables reposting from your archives. If your blog niche includes evergreen content, then this could prove to be a useful tool to have.

Wrapping Up

While there are many automation tools available, there is much room for improvement when it comes to content flow. Choosing the right option to promote your blog will depend on your priorities and ultimately, a budget.

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