How To Increase Your Profile On Instagram

Tools to Get More Instagram Followers and Establish Social Proof

All digital marketers know that having a large number of real Instagram followers translates to better reach, visibility, and brand awareness. However, increasing the number of followers consistently can be a very tough task and you need to plug away consistently on several fronts like optimization of the bio, using powerful hashtags and CTAs, including geo-locations to attract local traffic, posting great content and using every opportunity for engaging with the target audience. As effective these tactics are for driving your brand on Instagram, unfortunately, they are not enough and you will benefit from taking a look at some of the tools that can help you to get more Instagram followers.

A Color Story

This is one of the best photo-editing tools that Instagram users have. Using the tool, you can make your posts look cohesive with the same present color schemes that can be the same as your brand colors for improved synergy. There are more than 300 filters available in A Color Story, which along with 100 effects can help you to create a distinctive and attractive feed that will boost your social media traffic.

If you like one filter, you can save it as a custom filter so that you don’t have to search it out again the next time you want to use it. Not only can you add multiple filters to one photo to create a later look of your preference but also use the more specific tool within the app when the filters reach their limitations. Users of A Color Story will also benefit from the regular tutorials posted on the app that help you to improve your photo editing skills.

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Hopper HQ

Posting on Instagram at the right time when your target audience is active is critical for followers to see your content and engage with you. Hopper HQ is a very effective content scheduler that you can use to manage even multiple accounts. The tool makes it very easy to edit and schedule posts and you can also preview the grid layout. With the tool, you can ensure that you follow a consistent posting schedule that is easily one of the most effective ways of building a large follower base. You can get different auto likes apps to bring your IG followers. You can check here on how to use one of these Instagram auto likers perfectly.

Whenever you say stormlikes, you can be sure that Hopper HQ is the perfect solution. The bulk upload feature makes it easy for you to schedule posts even for an extended period and you can relax safe in the knowledge that the content is being posted as per a predetermined schedule.


The Instagram Stories feature has already created a storm with brand marketers. According to, one-third of the Instagram Stories that are most viewed are posted by businesses. The app lets you use templates to create branded, cohesive, and attractive Stories that have the same looks as the photos on your grid.

Not only can you use your images but also access the app’s library of stock images. You get the flexibility of adding layers, dragging-and-dropping elements, defining the layout, and much more to create your very own templates.


By using these three tools, you will have the power to create a unique look for your Instagram posts as well as achieve posting consistency. Both of these go a long way to make your posts more appealing to users and they feel compelled to follow you and interact with you.

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