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Mobile App Marketing Mistakes and What to Do Instead

These days the deliverable matters to such an extent that how you market it marks the success. In today’s ever-so dynamic and competitive technological era, your product and the marketing combination should and must be top-notch. Similarly, when you try something like gb whatsapp apk download, you got to do it in the right manner. Mistakes in either any of them can cost you big time.

mobile app marketing

How is that so?

Well, to begin with, your pre-launch marketing sort of forms the basis of your product’s success. It propagates about the product, which eventually determines its overall opinion and popularity level. It is safe to say that your marketing can either make or break your very own product. Depending upon the product only and not investing the right amount of time and money, its marketing is outright an unwise decision. If you want the downloading of your application in full swing, you better market it in a way that people feel compelled to do so.

And, the work does not end here, folks!

Even after you launch the app, you need to keep up with the marketing game. If you would not do so, your product will soon lose out on its charm in the eyes of your audience. Hence, keep going with marketing in a manner that continues to entice your audience into downloading it. Otherwise, the discontinued marketing or any mistake will get you nothing but a declined number of sales and an inferior return on investment (ROI).

We are sure you would not want that! Therefore, keep reading this to know mobile app marketing mistakes to be avoided. Also, get yourself acquainted with some solutions to smoothen up your marketing game.

Set the bar right

If you are claiming your app to be the best out of all through your marketing and are unable to endorse those claims, then my friend, you are only landing yourself in big trouble. What you are doing is disappointing your customers and in turn, ruining your potential clientele. It means that your portal is going to be viral with negative reviews.

Hence, stay honest to your customers and your product. All it takes to market it right is to highlight your product’s unique selling point (USP) and talk about the benefits it offers at length. Exaggerating about your product won’t take it anywhere: sooner or later, the reputation of the product will suffer. Keeping it real means that your customer will get what they see and will know what to expect as and when they download it.

In addition to this, consider attaching a screenshot of your application. It will give people an idea about how the app will look like and how to use it should they decide to download it.

Failing to optimize your app

We bet you are for sure aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but do you know what is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

If not, then it is high time that you put in some time to know this concept. So, to begin with, ASO refers to the process of optimization of mobile applications to make it achieve a higher rank in the app store search results in addition to top chart rankings.

Most people come across applications only when they browse the app store. So, it is only natural for you to start to think about implementing this if you do not want to lose out on sales.

Speaking of this, make sure you have ample research done and have established a deep understanding of your target audience. Next, ensure that you looked into what sort of words does your audience is likely to put into searching. It is crucial as you won’t see any substantial output if you optimize for the wrong keywords.

Building an app without a plan for promoting it

The iPhone, Android, and Blackberry app stores encompass around or over 500,000 apps, so there should not be any doubt that your app needs to have quite a few more listings to catch a user’s eye of interest. Without a plan for promoting your app, even the most carefully designed and super user-friendly app will fail to make its mark on the customer’s mind and eye. It will very quickly diminish amidst the pool of 500,000 apps we mentioned above.

Hence, when you decide to make an app, be clear about the approach you are going to employ in the promotion of it to your existing customers as well as the new ones which follow after its launch. Make it a point to allocate enough budget on its development through mobile advertising, emails, and text messages.

No or less mobile app reviews

By now, we are sure you must have become aware of how crucial it is to prioritize marketing. Similarly, it is equally important to build a strong social media presence in the form of reviews. Regardless of the niche, your app belongs to, and it is a universal fact that it definitely will have competitors. And, in this fast-paced world, we are living in, the only way to get ahead of your rivals or to make your desired audience choose you over your opponent is by garnering lots of good reviews.

Now why is that so?

Well, in this digital age, social media proofs have become a thing. Such reviews come off as online endorsements, which play a massive role in- the app purchasing decisions. In addition to this, a high ranking of your application will automatically put you at the top in the app store. To sum up, the more positive reviews you manage to collect, the merrier it gets.

You must be wondering as to how you can encourage the user to review, no? One of the most convenient ways to do is to use an app review plugin, such as the Appirater. It acts as a prompter because of which the users feel obliged to pass their judgments regarding your application after having completed a significant action such as making a purchase or even using a coupon.

However, make sure to avoid giving any incentives to the users for the sake of positive reviews.

You don’t differentiate between a mobile and a desktop experience

There are mobile apps, which often do nothing other than mimicking their desktop version, thereby enabling the same functionality. It should not be the case as a mobile application is meant to give users a different experience and should only speak about the new opportunities it has to offer.

Your customer will not even waste a second before discarding a desktop-like mobile application. A customer is not paying bucks only to get a brand’s smaller version of the desktop experience. The mobile app and desktop versions should be impactful the same way Red Fox Web Technologies designs so that the users have the convenience of getting the best out of both versions.

If you are someone venturing into mobile apps and already own a desktop site, you need to understand that paring down the app to the core task is the only way to venture into it successfully.

You would need to incorporate visuals that are not too overwhelming and make it mobile optimized by using large buttons taking the user to the core features only. Furthermore, create something that takes four-second or even less to load, has only a few easy-to-read menus, and one which conveys the brand’s message right at the center.

Uses traditional marketing strategies

Equating mobile with conventional media is utter nonsense as it does not blend well with traditional marketing strategies. It is because traditional marketing strategies do not sit well with mobile audiences, which are by large youngsters who happen to have a clear and keen sense of likes and dislikes.

So, what is the solution?

Instead of aiming to market your app to a broad audience, market it to a specific one through extreme data-driven marketing techniques. Secondly, give your target audience a natural outlet to interact. It could be anything from giving them a chance to download a free item, a one-week free trial, playing a free trial of the game or a link which says “click to learn more.”

And that’s a wrap! In light of what we discussed above, when you set off to create an app, try, analyze, and make sure that your app idea is by all means marketable. Otherwise, what we explored and presented solutions to above might won’t work.

Other than this, your app should be promising in the longer run. Your app should offer the users an idea so exceptional that it retains value for an extended period so that the audience does not delete it within just a few months and all the hard work, money and time, may otherwise, would go in total waste.

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