7 Ways to Run a Successful Outbound Call Campaigns

For most of us, who loves to talk seems like calling someone for something will never go out of trend. We love to talk to our friends, family, colleagues, and everyone over a call. Similarly, the trend applies when it comes to fetching help from our service providers, or a brand we have products of. In most case scenarios and according to statistics, call campaigns are able to provide a better solution over the conventional social media tagging or be it email in that case to resolve a particular issue.

The most frequent complaints of a consumer always have been that they are not willing to converse with an IVR that cannot resolve the problems they are having. Often the calls themselves are not proper and end up being a mess that the customer was never looking for in the first place.

Therefore, an automated call campaign using an outbound call center software may come as a really effective way to dominate your surveys while making use of the other so useless IVR. At the same time, improvement in IVR designs can resolve the troubles faced by the customers. However, there must be a few perfect ways through which you can plan your outbound calls to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Hence, to assist you a little on your journey in how to run your outbound call campaigns, we have decided to share with you seven essential ways.

Ways for Better Outbound Call Campaigns

Outbound call campaigns are not favorable and are never the first preference of a customer to attend such kind of a call. Whenever they see a virtual phone number in their phone’s caller ID, they immediately recognize the number from their memories and drop it, thinking that it might be another waste of time IVR call. Thus, a properly laid out strategy is very important to cross this hurdle and reach your customers through a proper gateway.



1. Feedback Call Campaigns

Initially, a good thing in order to check the performance of your IVR would be to run a feedback call campaign with it. Feedback is really a critical part of any business or service provider to thrive and please their clientele. Hence, utilizing your IVR for outbound feedback campaigns may be an excellent way to know how the customers are taking your business’s products and services. Feedback campaigns with the help of IVR can be even up-scaled depending upon the client base the business is having.

Benefits of Feedback Campaigns by using IVR for Outbound Calls:

  • There is no intervention from human representatives or agents
  • It is easy to implement across all sectors of the business
  • It is easier to collect and assess feedback in an organized manner through this way

2. First Round of Selections for Job Seekers

An ideal outbound call campaign can even undergo the first round of the candidate selection process for all the possible new employees of the business. It will be an innovative way to implement the process for such a purpose.

Secondly, it will witness the attention of several different job seekers who would love to attend such calls. At the same time, the business can prepare a question set that the IVR is going to ask whenever it calls the candidate. Candidates on the other side can use the keypad to make their entries to multiple-choice questions asked by the IVR.

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3. Educational Campaigns

Another innovative way to implement your IVR in outbound calls would be to provide education and knowledge regarding products or services of the business to the callers. For example, Ola makes use of an incredible automated IVR in their call campaigns to provide driver their necessary training programs.

Again for the businesses who are willing to launch a new product or an update to an existing product, they can guide their customers about the same with an outbound IVR call. It can be a fabulous way to educate your client base without employing human agents for the job.

4. Call Reminder Campaigns

A reminder to the customers regarding anything about the business is a wonderful way of showing clients their worth. If your business can remind customers regarding the expiry dates of a plan, their upcoming payments, and pending through an outbound IVR call reminder facility, then such a call will never go unattended.

Companies worldwide can even levy automated IVR outbound calls through a virtual phone number to remind their employees and candidates regarding joining dates, or some other details. Reminding customers about their reservations for a horror movie, or a table at a restaurant would also be a brilliant way to make use of the IVR for outbound calls.

5. Poll Call Campaigns

The easiest place where an automated outbound call center software can make use of its IVR is through a polling campaign. Anyone can create a poll through the IVR, and then call users anywhere to mark their entries. The entries will be then stored within the IVR and can generate poll results for the same campaign.


6. Outbound Announcement Calls

An IVR can even be customized to lead an announcement campaign through outbound calls. This way, businesses can notify their customers regarding some major changes or about upcoming offers from the business.

7. Survey Campaigns

A survey campaign using an outbound call center software for market research concerning a certain product or to get verification from a particular research survey has been a common practice across businesses worldwide. Outbound calls using a personalized IVR is a great way to do this.


So those were the seven exceptional ways through which you can make use of an automated IVR for outbound calls using a virtual phone number. Most outbound contact centers must be using outbound call center software, and for them implementing these seven ways would be a no brainer.

Salman Zafar

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