signage and businesses

Research-based Statistics on Why Signage Matters to Your Business

In the world full of opinions and suggestions regarding business owners’ investment towards business signage, getting legal information through research-based statistics are deemed to be a helpful and accurate basis in business decision-making.  These result-based statistics will display evidence and proof of legitimacy with the investment of marketing strategy that a business is looking forward to operating.  The upcoming discussion will give conviction towards people on the importance of business signage together with its corresponding explanation.  These are no longer opinion and experience based article but more with research-based consultation.

signage and businesses

The following are about the discussion of the factors that matters the most for the business signage to effectively function.  These are coming from research results that lead to a better conclusion regarding business signage as a marketing strategy tool.  Knowing these may help you in creating and building business-worthy business signage. Read on the following and check if it follows the signage you have in running your business.  These are best for business signage users and do business owners who planned in making a good one for their business endeavor.

Font Size Matters

In the study Abhinav and Bisht, a survey from the industrial design of the Department of Industrial Design National Institute of Technology Rourkela, there is a positive correlation of the font size as part of being visible within signage.  It was descriptive research wherein the observation was done in the noontime since it is the most effective viewing day.  There are no specific people involved in the study because broad sections of people are covered as part of the audience.  Even the people with eyesight problems are considered to be part of the well-rounded conclusions that the research may partake.

It was shown in the survey that the optimum readability of font is within 60 inches in height. It also gives the best impact from a distance.  Further, it implies that the font size matters for business signage since it provides a remarkable note for people who are walking and viewing around the place.  Also, the more readable fonts to be used, the lesser the chance of avoiding problems of misinterpretation within business signage happens.

Graphics Matters

There are many means of communicating.  In visual communication, symbols, signs, and the likes are the most common means to communicate with other people.  Further, upon doing so, sending a message should be accurate.  The use of graphical signage along with digital signage software may help people in doing what to do next.  As researched by Anderson from the Iowa State University, producing the series of representative symbols can be a substitute for descriptive words and phrases.

Within his study, he had used the applicable principles in testing the comprehension of people regarding the symbols and sign principles.  He had mounted different signages that would help people in assisting them towards their places to go on.  And in his conclusions, it was seen that the use of graphics helped people with their activities.  With this, it means that when people noted visual presentation that is understandable, it is easy to follow and recognize.  In business, it is the same way around.  People understand easily when the symbols and signs principles are effectively manipulated.

Cost Effectiveness of Signage Matters

Above all else, despite plenty of marketing strategy towards the industry, consider the most cost-effective one.  Within the study of EBSCO Sign Group, it talks about the importance and effectiveness of signage.  The discussion is widened with the marketing strategy, which is available and deemed to be useful.  Further, it also reveals how these different strategies give so much exposure to many people.

In the survey, it was revealed that people learned specific business through the following means together with its percentage:

  • Business Signage is 46%. With 3,311 responders
  • Word of mouth is 38%. With 2,708 people
  • Newspaper advertisement is 7%.  With 511 people.
  • Yellow Pages is 6%.  With 450 people.
  • Radio Commercial is 2%.  With 133 people.
  • And Television Commercial is 1%.  With 90 people

With these statistics it shows how effective business signage could be.  Taking on the ShieldCo 3D Business Signage could also give them the more visual impact that the business signage can do.  Exposure of the signage towards many people can give so much impression towards the business publicity.


Reading with opinions and suggestions regarding how to make business signage more effective is easy.  However, leaning and knowing what are the dos and don’ts within the specific detail of making business signage is crucial.  With such, whenever you prefer in designing your digital signage, you may consider the following researches to get a better result.  Further, trusting a business signage maker company to assist your business endeavor is the next move you need to work on.  ShieldCo 3D business signage can help you do the lead.

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