10 Best Ways to Market Your Brand in 2022

The changes that new technologies are implementing in the economy, the company and the market, in general, must be analyzed, since, when customers change, companies have to adapt quickly to the new environment to survive. Here we are going to present the 10 best ways to market your brand in 2022 and build an unforgettable brand identity:

1. Marketing Audit

We must be aware that the marketing audit is one of the most important marketing and sales trends that exist today, since, technological changes, changes in consumer habits by customers, environmental changes and changes in the economic situation of companies, they force them to know how to adapt to the new business models that are being created. Therefore, starting a digital marketing audit today will be a great move. fastpromotionalproducts.co.nz is among the best marketing companies that can offer you a full-fledged marketing audit.

Main stages in conducting an audit are:

  • Obtaining the initial briefing.
  • In-depth research and analysis of different areas of action.
  • Obtaining data in each of these areas. SWOT analysis
  • Work meetings with the teams involved.
  • Information processing, Road Map
  • Impact of new digital technologies.
  • Action plan.
  • Conclusions and final report

2. Databases and CRM

Technically, customer loyalty comes from the hand of the CRM, which is mainly composed of two tools the Data Warehouse, which is responsible for managing and extracting the information that is available from the client and the Data Mining where all possible information is collected from the client.

The important thing to use CRM well is that we manage to convert data into information, and then that information into knowledge, which brings great value to any company, currently being an important marketing and sales trend.


Stages of CRM implementation

Although there is no unanimity of criteria, our experience shows us:

  • Tidy up the data. Updated database; data quality
  • Expand customer vision. Past value of each client and anticipate its future value.
  • Analyze the customer database.
  • Define the metrics, set the objectives and know the restrictions.
  • Automate the multichannel activity of the campaigns. All means of contact with the client integrated into the CRM.
  • Test, analyze and test again. Control and improve those processes that fail.
  • Optimize decisions. That we are able to make decisions for a huge amount of customer data.
  • Calculate the return constantly. As we allocate resources to the project, we must know the ROI we get.

3. Big Data

Big data is the integrated management of all information inputs received by the company with the goal of turning data into information that provides benefits to the company. It is the need to join unstructured and difficult to manage data, finding patterns that allow them to be made relational to serve as an aid to the achievement of business objectives.

With the strong growth of the power of computers and the explosion of the internet, all the data that we regularly leave in our day to day can be stored, crossed and understood between them, which creates important and useful information for companies. Digital marketing attribution companies can help your business optimize ad spend, increase ROI, and improve lead generation with the use of data.


4. Cybersecurity

Cybercrime has become one of the biggest threats to companies. The increasing dependence on the digital world of companies means that no one is free from these attacks. Despite what has been said, it is common for companies without extended cybersecurity practices that everything related to protecting their digital infrastructure sounds like monomania. This means that, unfortunately, a significant number of companies have encountered problems linked to bad cybersecurity practices.

5. E-Commerce

E-commerce requires more sophisticated and cost-effective digital marketing, based on personalized communication, to boost sales and build customer loyalty.

Examples of them are:

  • Storytelling Brands create stories that, far from focusing on selling products, convey values ??and create consumer experiences.
  • Crowdsourcing the contents are created by the users themselves.
  • Gamification, averaging and serious games. The brand uses video game mechanics or creates its own games to reach the user naturally.
  • Purchase optimization. The key is to have a qualified database to offer the buyer what is closest to their interests. Amazon is the company that currently does the most.
  • Mobile friendly. Having smartphones and tablets make it easy for us to purchase through new applications, geolocation, etc.
  • Street marketing. The street is also digital and this allows the potential consumer to interact with the brand through touch screens.
  • Responsible Marketing. Regardless of technologies, consumers demand that companies be more responsive to society and the environment, recovering more human values.
  • Affiliate Marketing. Involving influencers from Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube and other social networks as well as bloggers running their own sites and tracking their performance using affiliate marketing software (required on top of Google Analytics one would typically use on the website).
  • Retargeting advertising. Retargeting is an excellent method to target people who may have been to your site previously, yet failed to convert by showing them relevant content pertaining to your brand.


6. Sales Team

In a market as dynamic and competitive as the current one, with an increasingly aggressive competition, constant technological innovations and seasoned with the globalization of the market, what truly makes the difference between success and failure is undoubtedly the management of the team of sales, it is, after all, the one that makes the dream of putting our products and solutions in the hands of customers a reality, contributing to the profitability and viability of the company and knowing how to show and argue the true customer differentiating element of our value and marketing proposal.

For this, the sales team must have a good sales manual in which the best way to approach the customer and all the data and tools that are useful, in order to act in a unified manner and with methods in this way, we will increase the sales of the equipment.

7. Client Experience: Customer Experience

85% of consumers would pay more for a better experience, but only 3% feel that brands respond to their expectations. It is clear that providing a quality product or service is a professional challenge for marketing managers, but the key is to be aware of the importance of the relationship with the customer.

In short, the user experience has become the battlefield of differentiation, and this invariably happens because companies stop thinking about the customer and start thinking like the customer.


8. Route Sheet

To ensure that the roadmap is an effective strategic marketing tool, you have to pay close attention to each of the steps that must be followed in its preparation, always keeping in mind what the real needs of the company are.

In short, the roadmap tells us and gives us the answer to the following questions:

  • Where we are?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • And what do you have to do to get it?

9. Inbound Marketing

In inbound marketing, the main objectives are to attract people to the website or blog of the company, gain prestige and create a database. It is important that they reach the web because, once there, consumers often look for information on their own initiative. The experts in this marketing strategy point out several phases that begin in attracting traffic and end in the purchase of the product or demand for the service:

  • The attraction of traffic to the web or blog. If you choose to direct the client to a blog, it is very important that it is constantly updated and, of course, with quality content. It is important to establish keywords.
  • Personal information. Once the clients are on the blog or on the web, the brands request their personal data to be able to contact them. You need to talk and listen to social networks.
  • Mailing sending. The consumer is loyal to periodic email marketing. The first serves to “mature” the customer, the following to “classify” and, finally, the e-mail with the specific offer is sent. You have to have an optimized website.

10. Innovation and Talent

Customers expect their needs to be resolved with agility and that the company is versatile to adapt to each of the scenarios that may arise. Therefore, companies must be prepared to give the consumer what they ask, at any time and in any place, because that is when they want it.


The consumer is, in addition to the center of our business, the provider of new ideas to implement to improve the company’s performance. As a marketing strategy, it marks a clear trend for the immediate future. Here are some creative ways to market your business in 2021.


In summary, for a new project to be successful, it needs conditions that did not exist before and this change can only be made by people. And, above all, do not forget that innovation is a process that creates value in the company that is money, business, profit, and security.

Salman Zafar

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