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How to Increase Your Coffee Sales in 5 Steps

Now that the world is slowly but surely opening back up, people are getting back to their daily grind. That means that they need your help getting their local coffee grinds as well. Though coffee sales stayed steady during 2020, you may not have had as many customers as you had hoped. This means it is time to boost those sales and up your profits. But, where do you start? Well, we have a few ideas to help you increase your coffee sales and get the business booming again.

1. Invest in specialty options

Your customers have spent enough time at home drinking regular coffee. Now that the world is reopening, they’ll visit your business. Wow them with a delicious treat that gets the job done. That means you need to invest in something that they can’t just make at home. With Intelligent Blends private label coffee, you are giving your customers a specialized coffee experience.

You can choose the style you buy it in and the flavoring as well. Plus, you can get USDA Organic or Fair-Trade beans, too. Knowing that they are consuming good coffee is sure to bring them back for more

2. Use promotional deals

Once you have drawn them in with your specialty roasts, it is time to make sure that they keep coming back on a regular basis. A great way to ensure this happens is by giving them discount codes or offering promotional deals. People love discounts, and most times, they end up spending more when a discount is involved.

You can do any sort of promotion; buy one get one free, bring a friend get one free, happy hour, and the list goes on. Make sure to display the promotion proudly outside of your storefront with Vistaprint posters. Customers passing by will be pulled in with the promo, and your sales will reap the benefits.

3. Reward customer loyalty

Now that you have built a rapport with your customer base, it is time to start rewarding them for their loyalty. Now, you may be thinking that rewarding them isn’t going to boost sales. Well, rewarding customer loyalty is a long game.


You have to be willing to show your customers that they are appreciated and valued. That way, they will continue giving you their business. Don’t be afraid to recognize the most loyal customers by writing them a thank you card. This is a surefire way to get them to come back and see you as soon as they can.

4. Social media connection

Utilizing social media can be a complete game changer for your sales. By posting frequently, showing behind the scenes scoops, giving special social media promo codes, or giving perks to those that tag their drinks in photos, you are giving your customers a way to reach you and a way to connect with you. When people feel a connection, they are more willing to be loyal and give you their business.


If you don’t have someone dedicated to creating social media content for your shop, it might be time to invest in that. Having someone with the skillset and time capabilities to manage all of your accounts can bring a whole new aspect to your business, and it can open the door to so many new customers.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be afraid to follow your heart and take some risks with your business. The higher risk sometimes comes with a greater reward. So, see what can happen when you think outside of the box, try out some new ideas, and invest your creativity into your business. We hope that these steps help you along your journey and increase your sales. Good luck!

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