7 Web Design Trends for 2022

Nowadays most of our daily activities have become online. Zoom fatigue, eye strain and the whole digital overwhelmedness are real problems. How the pandemic has affected web design? What are the web design trends for 2022 and where to search for website inspirations? Read more to find out!

Web Design Trends for 2022

1. Illustrations

2022 has started as a year of illustration. Illustrations are experiencing a total comeback and are everywhere, websites included. If you want to add uniqueness to your web design and the whole branding, consider using illustrations.


2. VR and AR

VR experiences on websites are with us for some time. You might have already tried Ikea’s VR furniture showcase. In the lockdown, VR and AR-driven services such as virtual fitting rooms or virtual makeup makeovers are becoming necessary and more common. In 2022 expect to be completely immersed.

3. Neomorphism

Do you remember skeuomorphism? Neomorphism is a refreshed style from 2010, that implements realism to digital elements, but this time in a much more minimalistic way. Following the neomorphic trend, there are also three-dimensional colour schemes getting popular.

4. User-friendly colours

In pandemic times, when most of our daily activities take place online, eye strain has become a real struggle. Website designers try to make the website experience as pleasant as possible turning website colours to be easy on the eyes.


5. Abstract art compositions

Alike illustrations, abstract art elements have become an alternative to photography. It is a great aesthetic for technological firms and startups.

6. Interactions

Well-designed websites are not only user-friendly but also interactive. Interactions such as questionnaires, forms, quizzes and contests increase user engagement and can also give us a lot of valuable data about our potential clients. You might also want to apply scrolling effects to your design to enhance the user experience and make your website more enjoyable.

7. Design thinking for website design

In 2022, well designed, successful websites are user-friendly and this isn’t considered a trend anymore. UX design is a key in the website design process. It comes without question why the human-centred design thinking method comes in handy. 

The whole idea of design thinking is to focus on solving users’ problems, testing the prototypes and releasing a well-thought product (in this case website) that will meet the users’ needs perfectly.

Search for the best websites, find Web Design Inspiration for yourself and create a great website by hiring Seattle web design companies. Good luck!

Salman Zafar

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