website design for beginners

The 4 Key Elements of Website Design

The appearance and visual appeal of anything is the first thing that we notice. This is because our eyes capture and tell us certain things before we go and talk to the person or approach any situation. And from there they are received by us usually in the form of intuitions. Similarly, website design is equally important which can decide various success factors of our website. For professional help, you can check out Local SEO with Impressive Digital which provides great digital services. Let’s continue and discuss the website design basics and their importance:

1. Minimal layout

Nowadays, the 21st century is filled with information. In this scenario, it is important for us that we stand out and create our own style for our website. Minimalism is the practice of keeping just the essential making the space looking more vibrant and aesthetic. The younger generation these days is moving towards it and in order to rank our site, we must adapt it as soon as possible. You can look at many international websites which have applied this technique and seem to be working great. Consult a designer to know more about this.


2. Fewer pop-ups about various things

Pop-ups for advertisements, offers, or even a cookie bar can be something annoying. You must very mindfully decide the pop-ups and if they are required at all on your website. If a visitor is there on your website, for one thing, we must not divert their attention to something irrelevant to them. This would create an ultimately bad user experience which we don’t want. Therefore, choose pop-ups and the information displaying on it a great deal of attention and check whether it is looking fine or annoying.

3. Conscious ads placement

We understand that the website you have is also there for generating you some revenue but that doesn’t mean you focus on it entirely. Placing too many advertisement banners can result in an extremely poor user experience which will result in traffic declination.

Clearly, it is important we place our advertisement banners in empty spaces and smaller than usual. You can look at where the user’s attention goes last on your webpage and place the ads there. This is will ensure that the first-time user experience that your website gives out is amazing and not focused on adverts.

4. Fonts and size

Usually, these factors are very underrated in terms of website design. The design people might know how significant it is to choose the right Stylish Font Generator but normal might take a little extra time. The effect of the right font and appropriate color combination can create wonders for your website. Readability, as well as visually appealing fonts, can work best with websites.

website design for beginners

Make sure you do your research before selecting a font for your website. Look on some international websites and observe how they have used their fonts. The size, font family, body text fonts, and complementary fonts can be some aspects you can glance at on the first visit.

We suggest you consult a graphic designer or enroll in an online web design school like Platform Training to further enhance your web designing skills and knowledge.

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