How to Devise a Wholesome SEO Strategy For Your Business?

Do you wish to spark new life in your business?

One way to do so is by ruling the online world.

According to Statista, there are over 4.52 billion active users in the world.

global digital population


As consumers move away from traditional retail onto online platforms, you need to work on your online presence in order to gain market share.

Currently, according to the Zero Limit Web, the first five organic search results account for over 67 percent of user clicks. This means that to get your target audience to become your profitable customers, you must first gain a spot within the first five search results of all relevant searches.

How can you do so?

Through a wholesome SEO strategy!

Here is how you can devise one.

1. List down all keywords and analyze

Keywords refer to the words people use when searching on Google and other search engines. To optimize your website for the right keywords, you must first know what they are.

Begin your SEO strategy by conducting thorough keyword research. You can start by finding words through Google Suggest. When you type relevant words in the Google search field, it suggests popular autofill searches to you.

Include both short-tail and long-tail keywords in your list. Generally, long-tail keywords are easier to rank high for. However, short tail keywords are more often used than long-tail keywords.

Once you have your list ready, decide which keywords to incorporate in your content, depending on their rank and performance. If a given keyword features a high search frequency, you must optimize your website for it.

Moreover, analyze the search result page for each keyword to see the type of content that ranks well for a given keyword. For instance, some keywords might showcase informative blogs, while others may merely show the homepage of a website. Decide what page to optimize, depending on your analysis.

2. Create a content strategy

Once you have narrowed down high ranking keywords and conducted your research about what type of content sticks for each keyword, it is time to devise a content strategy. According to Search Engine Watch, content is one of the most important ranking factors of Google.

content strategy


But, mere keyword stuffing won’t seal the deal. Each content you write must serve a purpose. And the objective should be to facilitate your audience. If you are an SEO agency, you have to be more careful while crafting a piece. Reason being, a good percentage of your client’s success depends on the content you feed to search engines. Here are some points that will help you:

  • Write unique product descriptions that answer customer queries.
  • Optimize the website content to include visuals, videos, and readable text.
  • Add keywords appropriately to the title tags and meta-description.
  • Create a blog section and periodically write unique blogs that are relevant to your client’s target audience.

Since content is one of the most crucial aspects of SEO, you should do it with utmost care. However, if the burden of projects start getting on to your nerves, simply lend a helping hand. You will easily find white label agencies like Growth Proton, to share your burden with. Be assured, white label SEO companies know the real tricks of the trade.

3. Work on Site Structure and On-Page SEO

Let’s say you own an online store, like Alibaba. You use keywords to optimize your content. But, your website itself isn’t up to par. It has broken links, difficult navigation, and very high load time.

onpage seo


Despite having the right keywords in your content, your website will still rank low.

To create a wholesome SEO strategy, you must focus on On-Page SEO and site structure as well. Ensure that your site features quality internal links, unique content, fast load time, simple navigation, and user-friendly interface.

In the case of an ecommerce store like Alibaba and Amazon, this is even more critical because your consumer purchase journey depends on the quality of the website.

Remember, according to Backlinko, there are over 200 factors Google considers when ranking your site. Not all of them are known. Yet, one thing that is known with certainty is that Google ranks websites that aid its visitors higher.

Respectable load time and easy navigation all help in improving customer experience. Hence, you must incorporate them into your SEO strategy.

4. Don’t forget Off-Page SEO

Once your content and on-page SEO plan are ready, it is time to shift focus away from your website. Another primary factor for search engine rank is link building.

seo strategy businesses

Link building refers to the quality of links you use in your content and the number of websites that link back to you. You can follow this link for more info: According to a 2018 study conducted by Ahrefs, 91 percent of pages that don’t have backlinks, don’t get organic traffic at all.

To attract inbound links to your site, you must craft a link building plan. Develop relationships with others in your industry.

A great way to do so is including their links on your website so that they notice you. If they know you, they are likely to link back to you. Further, increase the chances of getting links by creating great content that establishes you as a relevant and credible source of information.

5. Incorporate Voice Search

According to ComScore, Voice Searches will account for over 50 percent of total searches by the end of 2020!

voice search seo strategy


Considering that people tend to prefer convenience and comfort overall, this comes as no surprise. After all, voice searches are must faster to do than typing away on a keyboard. The rising popularity of Alexa just reiterates this fact.

Therefore, it is essential to optimize your website for voice searches as well. To do so, you must work on your Featured Snippet.

As per Backlinko, 40.7 percent of voice search answers are extracted from featured snippets of websites. And only 29 words are taken from the snippet. So, it is essential to pack relevant information in a crisp and pithy manner.

Additionally, sites that feature strong backlinks generally rank better in voice search.

So, you must perfect your conventional SEO strategy to rank high on voice search.

You are ready to rule!

Conduct keyword research and optimize your content effectively.

Implement on-site and off-site SEO.

Optimize for voice searches.

Voila! You have created a wholesome SEO strategy. Now, you are likely to rank high on search engine results. With a boost in organic traffic, you are ready to spark a new life to your business.

Mary Jones

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