social entrepreneurship ideas

5 Steps to Generate Social Entrepreneurship Ideas

Social entrepreneurship, as the name suggests, means a business associated/started for a social cause. The intention of social entrepreneurs is to combine business and the social cause in a way to bring in the change for the affected people. Success, in social entrepreneurship, is defined differently from normal entrepreneurship.

Social entrepreneurs are ambitious individuals who work to make a significant difference. They start with a cause they feel deeply involved with and subsequently form a business plan to bring the social change. Success here is defined by how largely this social change affected people.

This generation is a highly socially aware and very well informed set of people. They feel inclined to contribute and work with organizations that are making a change in the society. They are also interested in knowing how largely you are impacting the society.

social entrepreneurship ideas

This is why it’s very important to have a strategic and step-wise way to generate social entrepreneurship ideas. You will have to be careful about aspects like social cause and what portion of the society does it affect etc.

1. What are you most passionate about?

There must be certain things that cheer you or brighten you up more than the others. Things that you are most passionate about are the best to initiate your plans with. This will keep you interested and encourage you to research on them.

Check what are the things that you talk about mostly or things that do usually want to do during your spare time. Remember to take into consideration the interests of your team members if you are working with a team. Look for something that everyone is passionate about or can connect to.

You can be passionate about the environment or pets. Do not worry about the business idea yet, just list down your passions at this step.

2. Is your talent in line with your passion?

Being passionate about something is one part of this journey. The other important part is to check if you are equipped to do it. Consider your core strengths and your qualifications at this point. It is very important to see if your inbuilt talents go in line with the things you are passionate about. If you are a mechatronics engineer who is passionate about Fashion or food, you might need to rethink.

The main reason to this is, you will have to struggle more in researching and working on something that is totally new to you. When working in a team, see what your team can pull off best together.

3. How passionate cause is scoring in the market?

Now when you have decided on a passion that you are equipped to work on efficiently, check how it scores in the market. By this, I mean you should see what people think about it. You will be catering to people or consumers as an enterprise. This is why it is important to know what their stance is on the particular subject. If the passionate subject is something that the consumer cannot connect to, you might have to re-work the first 2 steps again.

Always remember as a social entrepreneur that you are creating this business to look out for someone who is willing to pay for it. This is why it is important to know that this step is where you will be creating a business with your social entrepreneurship idea.

The best questions that you could think about here is what points do consumers complain about most or put a demand for.

4. Which cause you want to solve?

Congratulations on reaching this crucial step! Going through this blog you have proved that you aim at solving a social issue. By far you have an idea about what social issue you want to work for. You might have been a part of this issue or met someone who has been affected by this issue. This understanding will help you structure concrete strategies to solve or work for the issue.

social entrepreneurship ideas
It is very important to have a strategic and step-wise process to generate social entrepreneurship ideas.

This personal connection with the cause will keep you and the team attached to it during rough times. It creates the feeling of belongingness when you have a personal or intimate connection with the problem faced.

5. What are the synergies between your passion and cause?

You are in the final step and very close to generating a thorough social entrepreneurship idea for yourself. Now, look at everything that you have done in the last 4 steps. Look for interconnections between your passions and the market demands. See for yourself is there a gap that you can fill in with your talents. It doesn’t always have to be a big problem or a significant connection. Even the smallest of gaps you can fill in will create a social difference.

For example, if you are passionate about dogs and feel great about how strays are treated. You probably know an organization that is looking to train dogs as support or service dogs. You could pitch in with some idea that solves the problem while catering to the market demands.

This might not be the best of ideas, but just an example. I am a writer and you are a social entrepreneur aiming to bring in changes in the society. I did my job of imbibing you with the best steps to generate social entrepreneurship ideas. Now it’s your turn to do your bit of the job.

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