website hit by penguin update

What To Do If Your Business Website is Hit by Google Penguin

Google uses many algorithms to index the websites of businesses. This is done to maintain the quality standards that Google expects. It makes a sincere attempt to shun spammers from the search engine results on the front page. The algorithm Google Penguin makes sure that websites that do not conform to the quality standards pertaining to SEO and web design that Google expects are knocked off the search engine results. In case, you as business owners are not careful with quality SEO practices and web design, the Google Penguin update can hit your site too and direct targeted customers to other websites in the process.

website hit by penguin update

More about Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin is not a new update from Google. It debuted in 2012 with the goal to curb spamming search results on Google and making it meaningless. Several business owners deployed black hat SEO practices to get on the top search engine ranks of Google. This, in turn, infected the computers of users with malware.

However, when a fresh Google Penguin update is introduced new sites often land up at its receiving end. This means as a webmaster you need to conform to the guidelines of Google Webmaster and resort to a recovery service for fixes.

Esteemed name in the field of SEO says that you must know whether your business site has been affected by the Google Penguin update or not. You should note that Google does not regard penalizing a site as a punishment. The search engine views the above process as a way to generate organic traffic to users on its search engine results.

Google makes an earnest effort to remove links that are useless or low in quality. As a business owner, you should remove links that are from sites that are questionable in nature. You need to make sure they are not allowed on your business site.

Consult experienced SEO professionals

When Google Penguin has hit your business website, it is prudent for you to consult experienced SEO companies to clean up your website. These companies will check the links and the keywords on your site. They will go the extra mile to change the HTML code of your site and may upgrade the site. They will deploy online tools to evaluate whether your site has been affected by Google Penguin and check whether there has been in dip in organic traffic.

Last but not least, always remember that when you are dealing with a Google Penguin update, never make the mistake of dealing with it on your own. Always consult professional companies that have years of credible experience and track records when it comes to search engine optimization and to understand the implications of a Google update. These companies will alleviate the stress and work with dedication to fix the problem so that your site becomes a quality site for present and potential web users to visit!

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