How to buy website visitors

What is Bot Traffic and How to Buy Website Visitors?

Bot traffic is network Internet traffic that is not carried out by a person. Typically, such traffic comes from some kind of computer program that performs simple actions (following links, downloading images, etc.) and is used by the user to save time.

The use of traffic bots is absolutely safe and is not subject to the risk of sanctions from Google.

What software traffic is better to buy?

How to buy website visitors? Acquiring traffic allows you to expand the popularity of your website or application. To do this, you need to place an advertising on visited websites.

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While choosing a platform for advertising, pay attention to the cost of clicks, the popularity of the resource and the type of audience that visits it. The priority is those where you can configure geo location and user settings, but you will have to pay more for this opportunity

Best free traffic generators software

1. sparktraffic

This is a 100% secure website, according to its users, which helps to get about 200 visitors in the first hour after purchasing the service. On this website, you can purchase different traffic packages from 6$ to 420$ and up, depending on the desired result.

SparkTraffic is trusted by over 120,800 companies in 260 countries. How does it work? Once you’ve signed up for a plan, you can choose where you want your traffic to come from. You have the ability to choose from broad regions of the world like North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Alternatively, by opting for our Ultimate Pro or Max Pro pricing plan, you can hone in on your audience, targeting specific cities.

 You are in control of all parameters of your website’s traffic. Choose your traffic sources. Whether you want social, organic, or direct traffic, all you have to do is choose your preferred Referrer settings and the system does the rest for you.

  • Geo-targeting: More than 260 countries
  • SEO Support: Yes 24/7
  • Cost: Starting at 6$ for 20,000 visits per month
  • Free trial: 1-day free trial
  • Bulk traffic: Yes
  • Adult traffic: Yes
  • Adsense safe traffic: Yes
  • Google social traffic: Yes
  • Adult traffic: Yes
  • Organic traffic: Yes


This website automatically monitors how your website is ranked in Google so that you can take control of your SEO strategy. this site monitors software traffic using different languages ??and sends a report to your email.

They hire real people worldwide, paying them a small fee for every click they make. The site has a complicated software that tracks the clickers’ behavior and controls that all the clicks are done naturally so that from the search engines’ point of view, the clicks would look like regular organic clicks.

  • Geo-targeting: More than 43 countries
  • SEO Support: Yes 24/7
  • Cost: Starting at $0 for 20,000 visits per month
  • Free trial: forever
  • Adsense safe traffic: Yes
  • Google social traffic: Yes
  • Adult traffic: Yes
  • Organic traffic: Yes


The site promises over a billion website views. You can have an unlimited number of packs of different sizes linked to your account.

It is possible to buy multiple packages and point them to the same URLs (10 x Large will give you about 6 million results per month).

  • Geo-targeting: More than 60 countries
  • Cost: Starting at 6$ for 2,000 visits per month
  • Free trial: 1-day free trial


Babylon Traffic makes it dead simple to buy traffic for your website. Marketers and business owners can use our powerful website traffic generator to start getting thousands of website hits. It is 100% free to get started. You can drive millions of visits, from hundreds of countries and any devices you want.

With an easy-to-use advanced behavior control, it takes just a few minutes to customize the exact behavior of your visits. It’s 100% safe with Adsense and traffic is guaranteed.

5. is another traffic generator. To receive free traffic to your website, there is no requirement to purchase any traffic nor require any other type of things.

It is all you have to do is mention on your blog post, and include the URL to and you will receive 10,000 people visiting your site within 30 days. Or, You can also buy specific traffic of your choice with 50,000 targeted visitors at just $126 per month.

  • Geo-targeting: More than 40 countries
  • Cost: Starting at $1 for 20,000 visits per month
  • Free trial: Yes


TrafficApe is a free website traffic generator that offers real visitors, real page views, as well as real clicks. It’s one of the world’s most trusted ways of earning daily traffic to your website or blog.

How to buy website visitors

In fact, you can earn up to 100 page views a day from real people all across the globe. It is working is simple. You need to give page views to the TrafficApe community, and the community gives you views right back. You have to add your URLs, click a button, and TrafficApe does the rest.

So, the article presents the best free traffic generators software. We advise you to start using trial versions in order to better familiarize yourself with the program interface.

Check if the site can solve all your problems and provide the right product.

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