Popular languages used by backend developers

The Languages Backend Developers Use

Web development represents frontend and backend elements. The first one – is the development of the user interface and features that run on the client side of a website or mobile platform. Frontend includes everything a common user sees when he or she visits a web page and clicks the buttons. The representatives of this IT profession cooperate with designers, programmers and UX analysts to create a user friendly and well-demanded product. To make it possible all these specialists have to take into account a number of issues. They have to make Internet users not only visit a particular site, but also do some presupposed actions.

If you are not sure whether you have got the notion of the fronted development, open the web page. The interface and all visually seen aspects of the page have been created by the frontend developers. It includes graphic elements, colours, fonts, page layout, etc.

Frontend development is a very interesting topic. But this article will give you insight into another aspect of web development. Without backend web development services the frontend ones won‘t exist.  It is the internal part of the product located on the server. It is hidden from the page visitors.

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To put it simply, the backend development is the creation of the functionality of a website, which usually can’t be noticed by users. Backend specialists are highly appreciated in the IT and digital sphere and, as a rule, they can easily find an appealing position in almost any web studio or IT company.

The Languages Used by Backend Developers

If you are thinking about becoming a backend developer, make sure you know what language you should master. There are a few programming tools actively used for backend development. Below we will mention the most popular ones.

1. Golang

Golang (Go) is one of the most beloved languages among the code writers worldwide. It is explained by its speed, security, modularity, and performance. Go is one of the youngest languages. However, it has a wide scope of application and is applied for meeting a variety of sophisticated requirements. Golang is a perfect option for building server-side IT products. It offers beneficial in-built testing facilities that optimise the debugging process.

If you are a beginner, Go will be a pleasant discovery for you. It isn’t difficult to learn, read, and maintain. Despite this fact, this language is very reliable. It has a garbage collector for scanning the code and identifying the nuances that slow it down.  Thanks to the concurrency feature you can also split a screen into several layouts to scale large apps or multitask. If you choose Golang, pay attention to Echo and Beego frameworks.

2. PHP

It is a scripting language. In such a way, the code goes through an interpreter to be read directly by the computer instead of a compiler. It is a well-demanded open source programming language of general purpose. It was specially developed for web building purposes.

The code created with PHP can be embedded directly into HTML. PHP is easy to learn, but at the same time it can meet the needs of professional programmers.

3. Java

Java language is a perfect tool for a range of purposes. It has a big army of fans all around the world. Java provides effective means for creating rich bugs-free codes. Among the most beneficial tools are powerful text editors and instruments for the automation of some development processes. What’s more, thanks to Java, software developers can develop sophisticated and effective security systems. It is a versatile language that can run on multiple digital platforms.

Among the principal pros offered by the Java language is a range of available open-source databases and libraries. It speeds up and optimizes the development process. What’s more, Java can boast of numerous detailed guides as to its usage and debugging.

4. JavaScript

JavaScript is a language that allows developers to add complex things on a web page. It is applied for such things as displaying periodically updated content, making interactive maps, creating 2D and 3D graphics, scrolling video, etc.

Popular languages used by backend developers

In terms of web development, without the knowledge of this JavaScript it is impossible to build a modern interactive website. JS is a tool for bringing the page layout and user experience into life. Currently, JavaScript is the main programming language for browsers. It is fully compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS operating systems, as well as all popular mobile platforms. Among the frameworks that are essential for backend developers are Vue JS and AngularJS.

5. Python

Python was created in 1991. It is a general-purpose language of high quality and a wide area of application. Python is of dynamic type and can boast of automated memory management. The developers can use Python for building web products both in procedural and object-oriented paradigms. The first option stands for the code splitted into separate blocks covering the same task. The specialists determine the order of performed processes by themselves.

Unlike static typing, as a dynamic language Python is fully focused on the essence of program design. As a consequence, the code becomes shorter, and development efficiency increases. Since the scale of the program is reduced, it is much easier to understand the program itself.

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