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What Type Of Website Should I Make For My Business?

If creatives have portfolios, businesses have websites. With this, they get to showcase their products or services, establish themselves as an expert in the field, and provide their contact details for immediate concerns.

Though there are several types of websites, the web development agency Chromatix highly suggests sticking to a specific design appropriate to the business’ brand voice and aligns with their company goals.

For this article, we’ll be discussing a few website designs and their purpose in the business world, starting with:

1. E-Commerce Websites

As its name suggests, e-commerce websites are designed to persuade visitors to make a purchase. Though it shares a few similarities with service websites, the two draw the line in their offers.

E-commerce websites are typically popular because their function is to display multiple products simultaneously, allowing the person to browse through their catalogs and choose a product that satisfies their needs and wants.


As a result, it’s ideal for medium to large-sized businesses that are catering hundreds, even thousands, of products to their customers. Besides that, this website makes it a point to showcase the products visually appealing to entice their site visitors.

Despite that, an e-commerce website should be more focused on functionality than anything else. Take, for example, Nike’s website. If you pay their site a visit, you’ll notice that they integrated a 360° perspective and customization feature that guides customers in having a 3D image of the product before proceeding with the transaction.

With this feature, visitors and potential customers will be more inclined to check out the rest of their offers.

2. Service Websites

Service websites have less exposure than e-commerce websites, mainly because it doesn’t provide relevant images or videos to their product. In fact, these sites often lean on simplicity.

On the other hand, it relies on persuasive copies to maximize its conversions. This means turning website visitors into paying customers, also known as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

If you’d like to have a real-life example, we recommend looking into digital marketing agencies that usually have this particular goal in mind. Their website is packed with Call-To-Action (CTA) from the homepage to landing pages, and so on.

The important thing is to compel visitors to sign up for their services. Generally speaking, this could appear as the tiny buttons that pop up while you’re browsing. On rare occasions, some websites even incorporate chatbots as part of their CTA strategy.

The CTA wouldn’t always take you to the sign-up page, though there’s a chance you’d get redirected to the company pricing site or “About Us” page to guide you with the services you could benefit from them, prompting you to give them a call or send an email their way.

3. Brochure Websites

Brochure websites are the perfect option if conversions aren’t the priority for the company. Typically, this design is utilized for a business interested in promoting their company and serving as their professional portfolio.

Thanks to this, a company could facilitate campaigns that would establish its online presence within the industry. In particular, this is an excellent fit for real estate companies looking for an opportunity to inform the public about their current projects, achievements and share public release statements.

What Type Of Website Should I Make For My Business

Many businesses opt for a brochure website since it requires a minimal budget and simple features, making it relatively easier to maintain than service or product-based website designs. Thus, there’ll be no need for frequent updates.

So, why do real estate businesses favor this? The reason isn’t complicated. It’s just an acceptable option for them because it gives potential customers the chance to know their background. Once the individual learns to trust the company, they’ll be more lenient in making large purchases such as buying a home.


Apart from these three, there are other website designs that businesses could consider. Overall, there would be numerous factors that a company should first evaluate before making a decision.

Although, if you’d ask us, it may be best to pay attention to the kind of offers you have, your company size, and the industry you’re in to narrow down the significant features you’d keep in the website.

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