Top 5 Free Online Image Resizer Software for Professionals

Are you looking for a free online image resizer so that your pictures look great on your website, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook?

Many free resizers exist that can help you fix images within seconds without any technical skills. Some resizers give you preset sizes so that it’s as easy as possible to make your adjustments. Others let you choose the precise pixel width and height to match all required parameters.

With the help from Truely, a review comparison service, we’ve compiled five of your best options. Find your favorite and use it for all your social media and website needs.


This app loads images quickly and gives you several options when it comes to changing the size.

Furthermore, you can cut out the part of the image you want by choosing the crop tool. Drag the tool across the screen and position the crop box over the desired image area. Or, you can enter the exact pixel size required so that you easily obtain the proper size.

image-resizing-software also provides presets that help you size your image for specific sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. A percentage option exists as well, where you can enter a 10% cutdown, or 40%, for instance.

This app can be used from their website or as a Chrome extension. It allows you to save images as TIFF, BMP, JPG, WEBP, and PNG.

2. Image Resizer by Promo

Promo is a free online image resizer that helps you size images perfect for social media. Most of the social media platforms have specific image customization requirements so that your photos show up correctly. Facebook, for example, has a variety of image sizes for:

  • Event covers
  • Story pic uploads
  • Page posts
  • Newsfeed images

Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram have many options with a variety of image size preferences.

You always have the option of uploading images of any size to social media and hoping for the best. However, if you want your business social profiles to look as sharp as possible, you should use a Promo tool to get each image resized adequately.

However, you may have felt stuck by limited tech skills or the refusal to pay for expensive software like Photoshop that you won’t use very often.

Enter the Promo resizer! It’s a simple tool to put into action. All you do is drag and drop an image that needs editing onto the canvas. Alternatively, you can select the browse button to find the image where it’s saved on your computer.

The Promo software will display your image already sized for multiple social media platforms so that you can select what you need. Moreover, it’s a quick process that allows you to download your resized image for upload to social media or onto your website.

Promo creates custom-sized images for services such as:

Of course, you can manually resize the image to specific pixel parameters if the presets don’t fit your needs. Focus the tool on your image’s area that should fit within the new dimensions and resize it accordingly.


This online image resizer has a simple interface and is easy to put into use. Upload the image that you need to resize and then choose the quality and maximum pixel height and width.

For instance, their quality setting ranges from small to large. You’ll typically find that the best quality comes from using a larger size. Image Optimizer allows you to view the new image’s file size and image dimensions against the original image before you download the final version.

While you can use their website to perform your resizing tasks, they also offer a downloadable option that lets you edit images without uploading them. The downside is that they place a watermark on those images.

4. offers a nice alternative to paid options such as Photoshop because it’s a free online image resizer, a web-based option that comes with many of the same editing features.

Use it to make brightness adjustments, fix contrast, alter the balance, add layers, and crop and resize your images.

The interface allows you to upload an image, crop it by dragging your cursor over the desired area and then make other edits.


Once you’re done with the editing process, click File and then Save Image for use on your website or social media sites.

5. Social Image Resizer Tool

Use this tool to upload the image that requires resizing and get the perfect dimensions for various social media websites.

For example, you might use it for:

  • Twitter header images
  • YouTube profile pics
  • Website favicons
  • Facebook cover photos
  • Pinterest board thumbnails

The tool provides you complete control of the section of the image you want to resize. Drag and drop the cropping tool to obtain your desired results.

In short, try one of the above image resizer tools to obtain the perfect image sizes that help you create stunning images across your business platforms. In addition, you can use a reputed reverse image search tool to discover the source of image.  In short, it doesn’t take much time, effort, or skill to build your brand when using one of these practical resizing tools.

Salman Zafar

Originally posted 2021-02-19 10:20:50. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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