why replace spark plugs regularly

Why You Should Replace Your Spark Plugs Regularly?

Spark plugs constitute a small but integral part of a vehicle’s motor as they provide the much-needed spark that creates the ignition for the combustion of the air and fuel mixture within the engine’s cylinders. This continuous ignition that occurs within the engine’s cylinders is what keeps a vehicle moving on the road. This means that without a spark, your vehicle won’t start or go anywhere for that matter.

Because of this very important function, the condition of your spark plugs is directly linked to the performance of your engine. Below we share three vital reasons why you should replace your spark plugs regularly among them being:

1. It keeps your engine at peak performance

When spark plugs get used for a long time without replacement, they wear out leading to problems like frequent engine misfires. Engine misfires are very common in many vehicles, and they are responsible for making a vehicle to halt for a moment due to a lack of ignition in one of the engine’s cylinders and then continue in its usual movement after the ignition is achieved. This makes your vehicle not to function smoothly as it should and also reduces the power generated from the engines.


To tune up your vehicle’s engine performance, it’s imperative to acquire not only new but also the best spark plugs out there for your car. Over time, this will significantly increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and also reduce exhaust emissions from your car.

2. It improves your vehicle’s cold starting

Cold starting is the attempt of starting a vehicle’s engine when the weather is cold relative to the normal operating temperature of an engine. When using worn out or dirty spark plugs, higher voltages are often required to acquire a strong enough spark to start the vehicle. This often takes a lot of trials to achieve and on certain instances it might run your battery dead even before the car starts.

Conversely, keeping your vehicle stocked with a new set of spark plugs will ensure lesser voltage requirements on your ignition system and eventually improve your car’s cold starting. This will also decrease the chances of a misfire and leave more power for the starter and the injectors.

why replace spark plugs regularly

3. It lessens risk of catalytic converter failure

When an engine misfire occurs, which is common in vehicles with old spark plugs, the engine dumps raw fuel into the vehicle’s exhaust. This load of unburned fuel in the exhaust jacks up the operating temperatures of the catalytic converter making it overheat and eventually damage.

In some instances, overheating may cause a meltdown of the converter substrate which in turn forms a restriction or full blockage of the exhaust. This literally chokes the engine forcing you to invest in a new catalytic converter which is a lot pricier than a new set of spark plugs.


In summary, the bottom line is to never slack on replacing your old spark plugs regularly because the more you avoid it now, the more it will cost you later. Follow your car manufacturer’s recommendations for timely spark plug replacements.

Salman Zafar

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