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How to Find Cheap Flights From Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona has three airports including Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix Deer Valley Airport, and Phoenix Goodyear Airport. If you’re flying from Phoenix, you should know the important tips to have huge savings on your next travel.

1. Flexibility is key

To find the cheapest deal on flights, make sure that your dates are flexible. You shouldn’t focus on a single date because there is a possibility that the ticket price is high on that day. Instead, why not consider looking for a full view of that particular month?

This way, you can see the best day to fly to give you the most savings. If you are flying from Phoenix to any parts of the globe, you can be a little more flexible on dates. Make sure to choose the lowest airfare to save.

2. Fly anywhere from Phoenix

Aside from being flexible on dates, you should be flexible at the airport you’re departing from. Don’t just focus on a single airport. As mentioned, there are three airports in Phoenix.

Check which airport can provide you the cheapest airfare to your destination. Check out these three airports below:

The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the main airport located in downtown Phoenix. It is tagged as “America’s friendliest airport.” On average, there are 1, 200 flights taking place there everyday.

The Phoenix Goodyear Airport is located between Loop 100 and 303 freeways. It stands as a reliever airport for the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and takes charge of the corporate aviation and pilot training.

The Phoenix Deer Valley Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country as it handles more than 1, 200 departure and arrival flights each day. It is known as a spillover airport for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

3. Fly on low-cost airlines

It’s a no-brainer. If you want to save big time, book on budget airlines. Since they are low-budget airlines, airfares are expected to be lower than any other airline.

Whether your destination is near or far, why not book a budget airline to save big bucks? Just expect not to get free meals and extra legroom.

Cheap Flights

Know the fees and regulations on budget airlines. Here are some takeaways:

  • Check the location of the airport.
  • Make sure that you know the allowance for weight, height, and number of bags on the budget airline. If needed, ensure that you have paid for your suitcase and bag. Remember that you are going to spend more on these airlines if you don’t follow the restricted luggage weight allowance.

4. Don’t fly during peak season

Don’t fly when the demand for flights is high. You’re going to pay higher than you should.

Check for lean months. January is known as the cheapest month to fly. Don’t go during October to November where most passengers are moving here and there.

5. Book tickets ahead

Don’t wait for the last minute to book your flights. Booking a week before means that those are the only remaining seats and as expected, tickets are pricier.

6. Take advantage of loyalty programs

If you want to save when booking flights, join loyalty programs. Accumulating points each time you travel is rewarding. You can use these points to earn a free flight from Phoenix.

Another way to take advantage of membership deals that provide cheap travel flights and low cost holidays is to check out Costco Travel. They have some good deals from time to time.

7. Take roundtrip tickets

You can save more when booking roundtrip tickets most of the time. If you’re flying from Phoenix, ensure to book roundtrip to avoid paying more.

The cheapest flight from Phoenix Sky Harbor International is going to San Diego. Passengers have traveled to San Diego for as low as $19.

Although ticket prices can vary depending on the airline and departure time, you can find the cheapest airfare of $19 if you’re flying from Phoenix Sky Harbor International.

Airlines like Allegiant Air, Frontier and Ryanair offer the best flight deals from Phoenix Sky Harbor International. So if you are on a budget to travel, you may want to check these airlines to get the best deal.

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