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5 Tips for Shopping for Mortgages for Bad Credit

In order to qualify for a mortgage, most financial institutions will use your credit score in order to determine if you qualify for a mortgage or not. That way, people with bad credit usually fail to qualify for a mortgage from mainstream financial institutions. They get help from Mortgage Brokers and other institutions that specifically deal with people who have a low credit rating. When you have a low credit rating, shopping for mortgages becomes hectic. But with proper guidance, you can still access mortgage even if you have a bad credit rating.

Here are 5 tips to shopping for Mortgages for Bad Credit:


1. Compensate with a large down payment

For you to get a mortgage, most lenders require that you raise a certain amount of down payment. If you have a bad credit record, most lenders will hesitate to give you a mortgage even if you can raise the down payment.

If you have a bad credit record, you should save and raise a bigger amount of down payment. You may borrow funds from elsewhere, or save in order to deposit a larger amount of down payment. This way, you can access mortgage easily.

2. Consider lenders who specifically deal with bad credit

This is an easier option. Some of the considerations such lenders make are the value of the property and rate of appreciation. If the property has high value, they know that the risk is relatively low because, in case you fail to pay the mortgage, then it can be auctioned in order to get their money back. In addition, they have flexible repayment terms and lower down payments. Learn more about reverse mortgages at

3. Have your credit records rechecked

In some instances, you may get a bad credit rating due to errors. Some errors may be due to malicious reports regarding loan defaults, or late payment of some loans or even accounts that belong to other people are used to compile your credit report.

You should recheck your credit score and in case of any dispute, then you can file the same with the relevant authorities. If there are any errors, having them corrected significantly increases your credit score.

4. Compare other terms of the mortgage

If you have a bad credit, you may easily access a mortgage but at a higher interest rate. You should not only consider the interest rate when looking for a mortgage. It is important to consider other aspects including the closing costs, penalties, and rewards offered to clients who pay on time. In some cases, such rewards could even be lowering the interest rates. If you consider other terms of the mortgage, it makes it easier for you to identify a good lender.

5. Refinance

A mortgage is a long-term credit. As such, do not hesitate to apply for one even though you have a bad credit. You may change lenders at some point when your credit rating improves. Keep searching for money lenders with better terms. You do not have to repay a mortgage with the same lender who does not adjust the terms of the mortgage even after your credit rating improves.


These tips will help you to get a mortgage even if you have a bad credit. Remember to make amendments financially so as to improve the credit score in the long run. This is especially so when your income goes up.

Salman Zafar

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