Everything You Need To Know About Segmental Box Girder Mould

This article will give you various things about the segmental box girder mould. You will gain a variety of points from here. Let’s discuss them below.

What does one stand by the term segmental box girder mould?

The ground viaduct is divided into small parts, that are prefabricated in the good quality control casting yard, also, delivered to install by a good construction outfit. There are many benefits of segmental box girder mould.

The box girder is made during the two web plates combined with the help of a common flange. The cell which is closed gets its place. And this has a big torsional stiffness which later opens the box girder. The unnecessary material gets removed for reducing the dead load. One can gain many of the things from the hydraulic jack system factories. These factories ensure the quality of the material for the segmental box girder mould.

segmental box girder mould

Below are some of the key components of the segmental box girder mould:

  1. Segment production and casting yard
  2. Equipment and segment erection

Segment production and casting yard

1. Casting yard

A casting yard is a place where all the concrete structures get into place. These structures include boundary wall panels, cable troughs, etc. There are two methods of casting. One is a long line and the other is a short line method. The concrete test is done with the help of many tests. These tests include the flow test, slump test, and L box test.

2. Equipment and segment erection

The segmental erection is a bridge that is built in small sections i.e. some part of the bridge is constructed at one time. And the rest of the part in other sections. The material used in the bridges is concrete which is brought to the destination for the placement.

What is the construction process of the segmental box girder mould?

The box girder bridges are cast with the help of the falsework strength and get removed after its completion. These may also be prefabricated in the yard which is later transported with the help of a crane.

The other method for bridge construction is the increase in the launching. With the help of this method, the cranes are used to put the new parts onto the completed area of the bridge. This is done till the time the bridge gets its completion.

What are its applications and specifications?

There are many applications and specifications of it. These are as follows:


The applications of segmental box girder mould are as follows:

  • It is mainly used for the new elevated structures.
  • The box girders are used for the bridge, cable-supported, footbridge, and curved bridge construction.
  • These are unusually used in the buildings. But these are used in some of the special situations like the loading.


The specifications are as follows:

  • The segmental box girder mould covers a wide range of spans.
  • Only one box of the girders can take the decks to 30m wide.
  • The large beams then 50m are feasible deck sections. These are more economical.
  • The small beams which are 30m precast the more comfortable beams.
  • For the aesthetic appearance, the box arrangement is done. And the web of the box behaves as the appearance of splendor when it gets combined with the parapet profile.
  • The single box arrangement is more effective. These are effective for both transverse designs and longitudinal designs.
  • The single-cell box is helpful in the small spans which are from 40m-270m.
  • With the full height, the single box is built span-by-span. This is crucial for the bridges whose spans are between 40m-55m.


What are the advantages of segmental box girder mould?

The following are some of the advantages of the segmental box girder mould.

  • The construction process is simple. It is very easy to install the external post-tensioned tendons.
  • It saves both time and cost. The precast parts get stored in the casting yard. And meanwhile, the sub-part is in the process of building. It also uses efficient methods which do the installation process easily.
  • It ensures good quality between the various factors. Some of them include the quality control between the precast segment and manner condition. It does the minimum wastage of the material.
  • It produces the best quality of the product.
  • It also maintains and inspects the outer tendons. And check whether they require the repair or not. The maintenance part is scheduled for the coming time.

Hydraulic jack system factories produce the best quality of the product in the factory. They deal with quality material which is durable. You can check the products at the hydraulic jack system factories. Above are some of the benefits of the segmental box girder mould. They are the best in everything.


There are many benefits of the segmental box girder mould which further includes its specifications. The box girder bridges get established with many of the methods. The methods of the bridge increase the launching. And further, with the help of the crane, they do all the work. The work can easily get completed in parts.

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