4 Tips to Finding Great HELOC Rates

HELOC means home equity line of credit. It functions in a similar way as a credit card. Homeowners use this card to get value from their house to invest in home projects or pay off debt. You can borrow any amount of money within your limit at an affordable rate. The interest rates charged are lower than those accrued through credit cards.

Most homeowners use HELOC to borrow cash to offset other expenses or for a home makeover. Once you have learned about the HELOC rates, you need to get a service provider that offers the best bargains. Here are a few tips to finding great HELOC rates:


1. Research

Lenders offer different non-oppressive HELOC rates. Researching will provide you with the basic information about the home equity option. Several online sites offer reviews. You can use such forums to learn about the frequently asked questions for better understanding.

There are also online calculators that can be used to determine the rates variance over time. Use such before reaching out to potential lenders. Compare their rates and select the best option. Please keep in mind that some lenders will offer low rates during the initial stage to entice you then hike them. Check on customer reviews.

2. Enough Home Equity

The equity value on your home is important. It is used to determine the interest rates to be charged and the size of your home equity line. Lenders have a preference for homeowners that have enough equity on their home. The more significant the amount of equity you have on your home the less debt against your house.

You can use online estimate platforms to determine the equity value of your home. Remember to subtract the balance owed to your mortgage. Most lenders will pick borrowers whose mortgage debt and home equity line do not exceed 80 percent.

3. Where To Look

Several financing options offer these rates. The first consideration is your current HELOC lender. You can negotiate for better rates than moving on to a new lender because most do not want to lose their customers. Other competitors that you might consider include a local bank or credit union. They often look forward to new business, and you can find a reasonable rate from the most anxious one.

You might be required to open a new account with them depending on their terms and conditions. You can consider online HELOC lenders within your region. You might also use the online platform to research and compare different lenders for reasonable pricing.

4. Hidden Fees

Most customers get overwhelmed by the good rates being offered by the lender that they forget to pay attention to other details. Some lenders will have hidden costs behind the good rates.

Other critical details to look out for include annual fees, third-party fees, upfront fees, or the requirement for you to draw a minimum amount of credit to avoid the fee. Read and understand the contract before signing. Ensure they explain the additional costs other than the interest rate before choosing them as your HELOC lender.

Salman Zafar

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