What to Pack for a Mission Trip

Packing for a mission trip is different from packing for a vacation as there’s a lot of movement and not much relaxation. Certain things can help you pack effectively, like researching the place you’re going to, the weather, culture, restrictions, and safety. It will be wise to pack specific things that fit your mission and the country or area you are going to. For adequate packing, consider the activities you have scheduled for the duration of your mission and select apparel based on these activities. You must also, of course, pack the bare essentials that you need for a beautiful and safe trip. In this article, we will outline the items you need, both specific and general, to have a fun and safe mission trip.


Clothes are a no-brainer item on any trip, but with a mission trip, there are some guidelines. Since a mission is to spread the gospel or a good cause, we recommend that you pack modest and smart clothing as your appearance can be a reflection of your faith and work.

It would be best if you conducted research on what the mission country and its culture consider appropriate.

Asides from considering appropriateness, it is vital to pack at least three sets of long and short-sleeved shirts together with three sets of pants, socks, sleepwear, and swimwear. Additionally, you should pack a rain jacket even if you are assured of the country’s climate and do not expect rain. Taking a coat or sweater is also as essential to colder climates as hats and shades are for tropical climates to protect your face and eyes from the sun.

shopping for perfect clothing

Furthermore, you should go along with at least one pair of sneakers and comfortable shoes since you may be doing a lot of walking to spread the message in rural areas on rough terrain. If your mission trip has planned an excursion, you will also want to carry fancy, more formal attire and footwear.

Chargers and batteries

Another apparent item worth mentioning is chargers and batteries. You must remember to pack the chargers for any device you plan to carry along with you. Phones are not just essential for keeping in touch and getting information from family and friends back at home. They are also handy as translators, cameras, maps, alarms, currency converters, and music players. Consequently, forgetting your phone’s or other device’s charger can hinder you from fully experiencing your tri[p. Packing a power bank comes in handy during long mission journeys or trips to areas without constant electricity.

Hygiene Supplies

The last apparent item that needs reinforcement is hygiene supplies. Always carry at least a bar of soap, a towel, shampoo, a toothbrush, and toothpaste. These items are available in travel sizes and do not necessarily have to take up space.

Additionally, we recommend that you carry sunscreen to avoid burning and getting ill during your mission. Also, pack a bottle of mosquito or bug repellent and mosquito nets to protect you from bites and malaria, whether traveling to a rural or urban area.

Disinfectants and hand sanitizers are also necessary for situations where water is unavailable to wash your hands. Similarly, packing baby and facial wipes help in cases where you can’t get a shower. It would be best if you also took deodorant and spray as you are likely to sweat a lot during mission sessions.

First Aid and Medications

Taking a first aid kit is necessary for minor emergencies when packing for a mission trip. The kit should have enough supplies to treat a minor wound. The first aid kit should contain sanitizers, bandages, plasters, cotton wools, methylated spirits, gloves, and pain killers. You should also throw in anti-diarrhea medication as you may try out unusual cuisine which your body may reject.

first aid box

If you have any personal medications, pack enough for the duration of your trip, as you might not have access to some pharmaceuticals in your mission country. It would help if you also packed an emergency supply of your prescription medicine in a separate suitcase or personal bag to prepare for unforeseen circumstances like misplaced luggage.


Documents like your passport should accompany you everywhere during your mission trip, and you should never leave them in your room. If it is impossible to carry it with you, ask your coordinator for a safe place to store it until your return date. It is also advisable to take a picture of the page that contains your photograph and passport number or make a photocopy. This backup may aid you in situations where your passport is stolen or lost. Carrying along a means of identification like your driver’s license can also come in handy.

Additionally, you should inquire if your mission country requires a vaccination booklet upon entry. You should carry it anyways, to be safe.

Money bills are likewise vital to carry along. You can use them to buy gifts, supplies, and souvenirs while away. If you cannot change your currency to that of your host country, you may decide to take your home currency or a universal currency to change upon arrival at the airport. Having a waist pouch on you at all times will help you keep your documents close, protect you from road robbers, and overall keep you better organized.



There is no obligation to become fluent in a foreign tongue, but knowing a few key phrases can help you communicate subtly with people you encounter on your mission. A phrasebook is a guidebook for travelers that shows essential terms from the visiting country’s language with their translations from the visitor’s language. The book will greatly assist with oral pronunciation tips and cultural suggestions.

Picture Album

While you may have some pictures on your phone and other devices, a physical picture album can help you cope with homesickness during your mission. They are also terrific conversation starters that will help you connect on a deeper level with people you interact with on your perfect vacation. Selected family pictures can serve as an indicator of approval in cultures that highly value family ties. This indicator can help with the receptiveness of your message and mission.

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