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4 Best Christmas Markets in the US Worth Exploring

Celebrating Christmas without shopping for Christmas is not a good way to celebrate Christmas because shopping is part of the Christmas celebration. Sometimes, one might decide to travel to a new place to shop for Christmas. The question should be, why will you travel to another location in the name of shopping? Well, adding spice to Christmas is not a bad thing to do, and visiting the various Christmas market in preparation for Christmas is not bad either. Shopping for Christmas does not necessarily mean that one has to buy goods on Christmas Day.

Shopping before Christmas is always awesome because you will meet a lot of people that are in your shoes, i.e., preparing for Christmas; you will also see a lot of Christmas products. Don’t you think that traveling to another location to explore and visit some of the Christmas markets is important? Doing this will give you the opportunity to explore the new place and of course buy amazing Christmas goods. United States is one of the few places to visit if you want to explore a lot of Christmas markets.

Apart from buying a lot of beautiful Christmas gifts and goods in the US, you will explore some of the beautiful cities and towns that will make your Christmas unforgettable. If you finally decide to visit some of the Christmas markets in the US, below are some of the top Christmas markets that you could visit to make your Christmas a memorable one.

1. Christkindl Market

This is one of the oldest Christmas markets that is in Chicago in the state of Illinois. It is a popular Christmas market with a lot of food vendors that sell foreign and native foods ranging from sausages, fast foods, drinks, and other delicious foods, mainly from Germany and other European countries.

Apart from food, you can also buy beautiful flowers, Christmas trees, Christmas gifts, and other Christmas goods. There is a Kinder Club that provides kids with interesting events. Also, the kids will be entertained with various Christmas activities that include scavenger hunt, Christmas shows, and other interesting activities that will keep the kids busy. Try to visit the Christkindl market with enough money because you will be enticed by the various Christmas goods present in the market.

2. The Great Dickens Christmas Fair

This is another popular Christmas market that is located in the city of San Francisco. The great Dickens Christmas has everything needed to celebrate Christmas; a lot of beautiful things are sold here. This is a place to be if you are planning a superb Christmas celebration. Here, you will find decoration accessories, foods, and other Christmas goods that will spice up your Christmas celebration.

The best Christmas markets in the US

There is a playground for kids to have fun as well thus, feel free to visit the location with your kids. You will also get to meet a lot of tourists that have come to buy various Christmas goods. San Francisco is an ancient city that does not joke with Christmas thus make sure that you explore the city before and after Christmas celebration.

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3. Union Square Holiday Market

Since New York City is a suitable location to celebrate Christmas, and it is important for every tourist visiting the city to know the various Christmas Markets to have a memorable Christmas in the city. Although there are lots of Christmas Markets in New York City, Union Square holiday market is second to none when it comes to selling beautiful and amazing Christmas goods.

If you are looking for a perfect place to get varieties of Christmas gifts and goods then Union Square holiday market is a perfect place to be. Here, you will be able to buy various decoration accessories, foreign and local foods, and other amazing things that will make Christmas interesting. There is a children’s section where kids can always buy trending Christmas goods in form of toys, candies, and other Christmas related products.

4. Old World Christmas Market

This is another popular market that is located in Wisconsin. It is one of the oldest Christmas Markets in Wisconsin state that you could visit for Christmas preparation. Here, you will see a lot of sellers showcasing their products under the tent and bringing German vibes to the market. There are a lot of good things to buy in the market ranging from fruits, Christmas related products, and foods.

The good news about the old world Christmas Market is that the goods are cheap compared to other Christmas markets in the US. Make use of this opportunity to buying tons of goods for Christmas. Never forget to explore Wisconsin before and after Christmas because you will enjoy your stay in the state.

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