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Top 10 Underrated Places in Colombia to Visit on a Date

Modern Colombia is almost unknown to tourists. Knowledge about this country is usually limited to the production of drugs and coffee. In fact, this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There is a rich fauna that can surprise even the most sophisticated tourist. Many travelers underestimate Colombia and believe that there are no romantic places. Let’s dispel the myths! Here are top 10 best places in Colombia to visit on a date:

top dating places colombia

1. Castillo San Felipe de Barajas

This castle is one of the seven wonders of Colombia. It is located in the city of Cartagena and protected by UNESCO. It has the form of a huge stone fort, built on top of the hill. Since its “birth” (16th century), the castle has been repeatedly expanded and strengthened. Perhaps this is the reason why the castle managed to withstand a large number of military operations that lasted until the beginning of the 19th century. Today it is not just a tourist attraction but a venue for a variety of cultural events.

2. River Caño Cristales or “River of Five Colors”

It is the right tributary of the river Losado, flowing through the Serranía de la Macarena National Park. Caño Cristales is translated as “Crystal River”. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the flow of water is colored, and the stains do not bleed into each other. The secret is in algae, the color of which depends on the air temperature and season. They grow not in a continuous layer but in the form of small islands. In spring, they turn green, and in summer – become red, keeping this color until the end of the year.

3. Museo del Oro

Museo del Oro is one of the richest museums in the world. Just think, about 300 thousand pieces of jewelry belonging to the pre-Columbian era are kept in its walls. The museum was opened in 1968 but gained world fame only in 2004. The building has three floors, in which all the expositions are divided by topics.

4. Tatacoa Desert or Red Desert

Tatacoa Desert is known for being two-colored. One part of it is of the usual gray color, the other – is bright red, it was formed as a result of soil erosion. Tatacoa is called one of the most beautiful deserts on the planet. This is a paradise for photographers, which makes it possible to take photos as if from another planet. This is the best place to watch the stars on a date with a girl – the sky is clear 360 days a year.

5. Tayrona National Park

It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful and picturesque place in all of Colombia. Tayrona National Park is a charming combination of wild Caribbean beaches and rainforests that stretch to the root of the snow-capped mountains. The park zone includes about 12 thousand hectares of jungle, sandy beaches, and coral reefs. One is inclined to take a tent, a bit of equipment, and food and just get lost in all this beauty. You will feel like a pioneer, exploring the ruins of ancient cities.

6. San Gil

Are you tired of lounging on the beaches? Want to experience some extreme? Then you should visit the mountain town of San Gil. Leisure activities are very developed in this beautiful Colombian city. Tourists are invited to mountain biking, climbing, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, paragliding and much more.

7. Bogota

Bogota is a very picturesque and beautiful city. It is the capital of Colombia, as well as the largest city in the country, which is the economic, political, and cultural center. The nightlife of Bogota is very vibrant. This city never sleeps. Street artists seemed to have doused the buildings with a rainbow, making it a whole piece of art.

As you plan your visit to this city, you’ll likely land at the El Dorado International Airport as it is the primary gateway to Bogota, which offers a wide range of services to ensure a comfortable arrival and departure experience. Whether you’re seeking transportation options, local information, or travel tips, it is crucial to know basic info about Bogota airport to prevent you from common travel hiccups. However, Beyond air travel, Bogota provides efficient transportation options to explore both the city and the surroundings. For instance, The TransMilenio, a rapid bus system, offers an affordable and convenient way to navigate Bogota’s streets, while taxis are available for more personalized transportation. For those looking to take day trips or explore the Colombian countryside, the city’s central bus terminals connect travellers to various destinations, making it easy to travel.

8. Capurgana

Capurgana is the last piece of Colombian land before entering the Panama Canal. This is truly a heavenly place with stunning beaches that turn into the magnificent reefs of the Caribbean. Here, everything is like a picture: soft sand, thick jungle, and the wash of waves. Wildlife is teeming with all sorts of strange creatures. It is here that you can enjoy the sea delicacies, freshly caught from the sea. But keep your eyes open! Local monkeys can easily steal something from you.

9. Los Nevados National Natural Park

Los Nevados is one of the best national parks in Colombia with an area of 583 The elevation difference here is 2600-5320 m. The park has eight volcanoes, the highest of which – Nevado del Ruiz – is about 5,300 meters high. There are many species of birds and animals, thousands of plants, mushrooms, and mosses. Fans of active recreation can go skiing and climb in the mountains.

10. Santiago de Cali

This city has long been called the capital of salsa. This passionate Latin American dance is everywhere – in houses, cafes, and just on the streets. People don’t dance for money or performance but just for fun and pleasure. If you are a looking for European single dating, this place is the best option. There are so many beautiful hot girls!

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