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Nha Trang: A Beautiful Honeymoon Destination in Vietnam

Finally! You have found your soulmate. Congratulations on finding your lifetime best friend and a permanent roomie. You might be ready with a beautiful wedding gown, the venue, tempting wedding party menu, list of guests, an expert wedding photographer, but what about the most important thing?

Yes, the most deserved and required honeymoon travel break. It gives a break from all the annoyance and worries before you rejoin the office to meet daily needs and bills. Don’t panic now. We have got you covered with the destination that will kick start your new phase zeal without much hurting your pocket.

Vietnam is the country of exotic and cozy locations for a fantastic seaside experience. You might be unsure about Vietnam being a tour destination. Don’t worry; here we will shackle all your worries and doubts about Vietnam been an unromantic destination. Nha Trang will be your favorite in the Vietnam Tour Package destination. Let’s delve more about the exotic beauty of this place for the newlyweds.

1. Ponagar Cham Towers

Start your new phase with the blessing of supreme power in the Po Nagar temple founded before 781 C.E. Considered as the iconic and prime for the Hindu followers; it has got an astonishing and splendid structure with the blue ocean view from the top of the platform. Even if you are an atheist, its exceptional construction and architectural style of the 10th century will leave you awestruck. The cool breeze and moist sea will definitely give selfie moments and a chance to fall in love with her blowing hair.

2. Hong Chong Promontory

Poet says true love is as deep as the sea, do you think so? Try to soak in the true love feel with the picture-perfect sea view of Hong Chong Promontory. The place is the convergence of mountain and sea which pool the enchanting tourist from different corners of the whole world.

nha trang honeymoon

Adore some moments of romance with the cup of filter coffee on one hand and partner’s hand on the other hand and of course, the beautiful sunrise or sunset view. Unleash the flying soul and emotional sublimation with the cool breeze.

3. Vinpearl Amusement Park

Another reason to add this place to your destination list is because of its Vinpearl Amusement Park. This theme park offers crazy rides, a large aquarium, water slides, a wave pool, and many other attractions to fill your honeymoon experience diary. The best and money-saving news for the guests of a five-star hotel at Vinpearl is that all the recreational facilities are free of cost.

Vinpearl Amusement Park

4. Soak the Sunrays

Endless sea, bright sun, cool breeze and a glass of Mojito on hand is the ideal experience we all are looking for. Enjoy the warmth of sunbathing on the beautiful beaches of Nha Trang which are among the best places to elope. One of such exotic and joyful beaches for the lovers is Hon Tre Beach for offering fruit orchards and mountain gradients for the mesmerizing view. For more private space, why don’t you visit Bai Tru beach as it is a private island for rent offering food, vast shopping options, amphitheater and of course swimming opportunity?

5.Diving lesson

Diving is a must thing if you are in Nha Trang. Discover the wonder of the sea like tropical fish, 350 species of coral, seahorses, stonefish, cuttlefish, and beautiful deep-sea life. Even if you are a novice then don’t worry, the coach will equip you with the required lesson of around 30 minutes. Accommodation is not a problem here as there are plenty of options available at a meager budget. This is a one-time worth experience to encounter the beauties of marine life.

hong chong promontory

6. Sea-cross Cable Car

Add one more memorable memories in your honeymoon diary with the beautiful sea-cross cable car. The car column is inspired by the structure of the Eiffel tower offering the longest ride of the area. Dusk view of the cable car moving from one shore of the sea to another with Eiffel type tower in the middle of the sea will surely amaze you.

Authentic cuisines of Nha Trang

1. Pho

Start your trip fun with the authentic and traditional dish, pho. The rice noodle with the bites of meat is served with the bean sprouts, mint leaves, and other vegetables.

pho vietnamese cuisine

2. Cha Ca

Cha ca is another tempting dish made of fried morsels of fish. Served with the ginger, garlic, and mint on the hot pan.

3. Goi Cuon

Also known as the summer roll. In the rice paper, you will serve the pork or shrimp with the herbs and peanut sauce. Mostly found in almost all restaurants and streets of Vietnam.

4. Nom Hua chuoi

Nom Hua chuoi is a real joy and blessing for vegetarians couple. It is a combination of papaya, mango, banana, lime, peanut, and carrot.

Time to Book Vietnam Holiday Packages

Hope that with this you can make the best of your Vietnam tours. Even you can hire the services of experienced travel partners for a lifetime cherish memories. So without a second thought, book your tickets now for a most happening and memorable experience.

Salman Zafar

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