Wedding Food Tasting: How Prepared Are You?

Months into their wedding date, many couples go straight to their food tasting venue without much preparation. To their mind, food tasting is a simple activity that they can breeze through. But a professional event coordinator, like our wedding planner cabo san lucas team, will leave no stone unturned and will do everything at their disposal to make wedding events like yours a sure success.

But with wedding food tasting, you have to get involved. Sure you trust your wedding planner but he is not you. You have to be present and mindful. You know what is on their menu, and you know how good the food is because you’ve been to this resort hotel many times before. But it is different this time. It is not about you alone. It is also about family and guests who are joining you on that wedding reception and partaking of the sumptuous hotel feast.


Now you know that food tasting is a serious business, here’s a list for you to check if you are prepared for that one-day affair.

You and your partner agreed on the menu

You and your partner are two different people. Though you have a lot in common like your love for snorkeling and swimming at the beach, for instance, your taste for food might be poles apart. You may be a fish lover and anything vegetarian. As for him, he may have allergies to seafood and would rather have a slab of dry aged steak anytime.

So knowing your foodie differences, you have agreed on which types of food you will want to be served at your wedding reception. You both are aware of what each wants. You have agreed to let him choose the main dish and cocktails but you will have a hand on the salads and desserts. So when food tasting day is around the corner, you are both confident that no major issues would surface. You are on the same page. You have settled all possible issues that are linked to selecting food and that also includes budget and diet restrictions.

In short, you have almost decided on which food to serve, the tasting will just confirm what you had both in mind.

You had something light to eat

When you go to a food tasting, you will be served food – different samplings of entrees, finger food, meat dishes, salads, soups, desserts, and more. One way of preparing for it is to eat a light snack. By doing so, you come in a bit hungry. While you will be given small plates and it is just tasting and not dining, the range of food you will be sampling can make you full midway. Never finish everything on your plate. There is more coming after you take a sampling of each one. The trick is to leave some room in your stomach.

And when taking carb-rich desserts, small bites are enough. Carb is filling and will leave you unable to take more. You don’t want a full stomach when you are not yet done. And chances are, you might be unable to sample everything.

You know your guests’ preferences

Coming up with a final list of guests is important before the food tasting. It will come handy if you have a clear idea of who is coming and what their food preferences are. It may be that many of your vegetarian gal friends are joining you on your special day.

One of your soon-to-be in-laws may have just recuperated from illness and are placed on a soft diet. Your mom is forever on a gluten-free diet and, you have nephews who eat nothing but fried chicken, seafood and pasta. You cannot please everyone but at least you are making an effort to accommodate the food preferences of many.

You know what is meant by fresh

The quality of food is as important as its taste. You know for a fact that if you are served leafy salad greens like Romaine, it looks bright and crisp to the bite. When what goes into the salad appears soggy and has traces of discoloration, you know right away that it is below standard. Freshly cooked meat is tender and will not taste like it has been frozen for too long. The fruit served is not as fresh and the skin has tiny dark spots where it should not be.


They say they are not in season that is why the harvest is of poor quality. If you choose a world class resort for your wedding destination, such as chileno bay resort, most of these issues will never be a concern because their gourmet standards are so high, they will never tolerate substandard food. They serve only the freshest food available and will never compromise their brand which they have built over the years. The hotel has received a lot of good reviews and true to its brand image, they are one of the best around town. Nevertheless, knowing what is fresh and what is not will still come in handy.

Bottom Line

Food tasting in preparation for your wedding day is just a one day (or less) affair that you should focus on. Set aside a time amid your busy schedule to prepare for it. Guest lists must be finalized. You and your partner have agreed on what you want. And you are armed with information that will help you ask for what you deserve – good food, fresh food. Now you are ever so ready!

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