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5 Creative Content Marketing Tweaks To Add For ROI Boost

It is important for any business or economic activity to return in a positive Return On Investment.  Since the very basis of any commercial activity is to generate an income, it naturally follows that positive cash flow is not only desirable but also the most expected outcome too.

Since the path to success in content marketing is rather narrow, most people end up doing things for the sake of doing it; rather than with an eye on the return generated. It would be pertinent to understand the five most creative steps to boost the ROI of your content marketing efforts.

1. The importance of blog content

There can never be enough stress laid on creating powerful blogs all the time. Even if the topic has been handled numerous times, it is the further development of the idea that lays out the success to greater acceptance of the writing. Most blogs are hashed out versions of previous works and this is a grave mistake to commit.

When speaking of evergreen blogs, it must be understood that not only do the ideas have to be new, but equally important is that the presentation should also be new too.  It would be ideal to have blogs that are timeless and relevant to most situations as well.

2. Get the audience interested in the writings

One of the most common mistakes that people commit is to turn out blogs by the word count and not pay sufficient attention to whether a quality offering has been done. Not only must the topic under consideration be fresh, the presentation too should be refreshing too. One of the key parameters that comes to play in content marketing is the time people spend on a page. Thus the one way to ensure that the blog gets the desired attention is to get the audience interested in the work.


A common key way to get the audience attention is to focus on keyword selection.  Many a time, sufficient care and effort would not have gone to pick up the keywords.  This can tell on the kind of traffic that is generated to the website over time. As important as keyword selection is the act of placing the keywords in the blogs at the right place too.

3. Be consistent

With writing blogs, it must be understood that it takes consistency to produce great results. Most active sites produce a blog post at least once a week and it is important to maintain consistency towards the writing all the time. The lack of which could lead to a lesser interest in the audience as well as a lowered ranking in the listings.  Since in search engine optimization, the ranking of the site is what counts; the importance of putting out a consistent effort cannot be stressed enough. Content flow automation can be a good option to maintain your consistency.

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Never forget the golden rule. That is the better ranking blogs that a person has would mean greater visibility towards the website and in turn a higher rate of hits on the sites.  Thus to realize a good return for the money spent on promoting a blog, it is important to remain consistent right through.

4. The importance of the website

It must be understood that blogs are supportive of the websites in question.  Thus right through, the purpose and presentation of the websites must not be diminished at any time.  This is where the present-ability of the website comes into play. The more successful websites have an interactive and user-friendly UX. There must be a seamless transition between the pages of the site and it is the general attractiveness of the sites that attract the blogs to be read.

In short, it is important to support the website for which the blogs are being written. It must not be an exclusive effort that ends up producing counter effects most of the time.  Grabbing the attention must fall as the first option before getting people to start reading what is on the website.

5. The importance of links on the blogs

If ever there were an important function to blogging, then it has to be the ability to produce links to the blogs and links out of the blogs. Most of the writing that has the necessary links built into it tends to direct traffic and draw attention to the subject that the blog is handling.


Another important feature to link building is to renovate the links from time to time. Stale links are one of the most negative parts of a website.  Another key area is broken links or links that do not work.  Both of these have to be avoided at all costs to render the blogging experience as top-notch.


Rarely have there been a blog or website that could market itself with little external help. The whole point of search engine optimization is to increase the ROI of a website. There are some acceptable and powerful ways to create blogs and these must be studied in depth to enable its use in the particular website with a certain bit of authority.

While it is difficult to point to a single element in the website design or blogging that would definitely make a difference, it is the general adoption of the better practices that go on to produce results most of the time. ROI should not get to dictate every aspect of the web design and promotion, but it is kept high in the minds of the webmaster at each attempt to promote a site.

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