14 Secrets of Content Marketing to Convert Visits into Leads

Do you have visitors but nobody leaves you their email? In today’s post we talk about the secrets of content marketing to convert those visits into people interested in what you do, as well as to leave you their email. We are talking about transforming visits into leads using high-quality content creation.

With a good SEO job behind you, visits to your website are a matter of time.

Now, once these visits arrive on our page … What do we do with them?

We have already spoken other times about how beneficial it is to have a database with emails from people who are there on a voluntary basis. But today we are going to delve first into the importance of having leads and secondly in how to get them to transform visits into emails from people with whom you can establish a much closer relationship.


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Why are you interested in having leads?

Leads are people who have read you and who have given you their email without blinking. People who have downloaded a material that you offered them and in return have given you their email, they have not unsubscribed and now they expect your newsletter like May water. The faithful , so to speak.

These types of users trust you  because you have earned that trust with quality content, solving their doubts or needs and adding value. It is the only way to achieve it.

But if they have reached that state, which of course has cost you an effort, it will also be easier for them to trust you when the time comes to make your product or service known. If you suddenly get a new info product, offer it to those people with whom you have more engagement and you will see how their response is much better than the referred traffic from Facebook Ads or AdWords.

Who tells you not to take a course in the future? It is better that you go preparing the ground. A large, quality audience is a treasure – don’t forget!

Tips for getting qualified leads

Ok, with that said, we go back to the beginning. We already know why we want the lead.

What can content marketing do for us to achieve this?

More things than you think and what I can write you about in this post. But I’m going to give you a summary of the most important ones, so that you don’t focus only on getting visits and going further:

1. Do storytelling

Surely you have already read it out there. Storytelling is the art of storytelling , and stories generate emotions and empathy . They facilitate the connection with your visitors, who will be more prepared than ever to give you their email if you ask them.


Learn to write by putting yourself in the shoes of your audience and think about how you could do it so that when reading the first line they want to get to the second; from the second to the third, from the third to the second paragraph and so on until the end.

2. Use CTAs with copywriting

“Send”. “To buy”. “See”.

“I want it as soon as possible.” “I want mine.” “Have a look”.

Notice the difference. Here you see it subtle because there are three CTAs together, but if you see them in context, the latter have much more engagement.

The ideal thing to write the CTAs of your website is that you always think about copywriting ; that is, they are there to get the click . Make them a persuasive weapon .

3. Write captivating intros

“90% of the blogs that are opened every day do not exceed the first year of life.”

“Four years ago I was fired from work. I was left without a fixed income, without a flat, without a car and without a partner. Only with my computer. 1,500 days later I passively earn € 3,000 a month with my courses, I work from home (my home) with the clients I want and my quality of life has gone through the roof. What I’m going to tell you now is my romance with SEO, the one responsible for having changed my life forever ”.

They are a couple of examples of intros that work. The first is to give an interesting piece of information that can attract the attention of your reader . The second is clearly a piece of personal history or anecdote .

You can also resort to metaphors, to write a reader’s question, to ask a question …

Use the intro to hook your audience and make them want to read the rest of the article. If they do, the lead will be closer to you, since at the end of it the reader will find a subscription box or subscription to the newsletter .

What if they don’t and leave?

You can hire companies like TopEssayWriting to write captivating content for you

4. Smart pop-ups with copy

Has it ever happened to you that you are going to leave a post by closing the page or tab and before the pointer reaches the cross you get a pop-up?

It is not by chance. Absolutely. There are plugins that when they notice that you are going to close the page, they show you a pop-up on the screen offering you something.

Obviously, content marketing also plays a crucial role in pop-up. It depends on what you put into it you will succeed or not. Gather your weapons of copy and content marketing and try to win the last resort.

5. Use images. If they are fun, better

Long texts without visual alterations are not read by anyone today. We are “lazy” by nature and we want everything chewed up and dynamic. The less time we waste, the better.

Here the images play a major role. They have a lot of visibility , so you have to do content marketing with them. Be witty and fun and get that after seeing one, the reader wants to get to the next one. You will increase their time on the page.

As a data, beware: the total views to a page with photos or infographics were 94% more than the total visits to the same page but without audiovisual material, according to a study by Skyword .

6. Use concrete data

You will surely like the 94% statistic. Or at least it has served to confirm what I have told you in point # 5.

Data like. They are definitive, they give a lot of information, they are consumed quickly and they are easy to assimilate. People do not shy away from them.

Do not hesitate to include numbers, percentages or statistics in your content. You will see how users offer a better response and your list of leads notices it … for the better.

7. Remarketing

If you combine remarketing with content marketing you can get a brutal response.

When they visit your page and leave, remarketing is responsible for showing them advertising from your website on other pages. This advertising in the form of a banner will be in charge of bringing your visit back. Maybe this time you will do better and I will leave you the lead.


8. Offer content upgrades

Imagine that you have prepared a super guide to something on your blog . A post of more than 4,000 words.

Why limit yourself to just having them put a comment or share it on social media ?

The content upgrade consists of offering them a PDF or a document that includes what you have been explaining but in an improved way .

By improved I mean, for example, summarized: you can try to go from 4,000 words to a checklist of 15 items. If the person has read the entire article and loved it, they can say: “ok, I’m interested in this checklist to work with. I will have the document on my hard drive so that I can use it whenever I want ” .

In exchange for this content upgrade, obviously, you are going to ask for an email to see where you send it. There you have the lead.

For example, in this post on my personal blog you have an SEO guide and also the downloadable one that helps you if you want to do SEO on your website.

9. Make content fun and interactive

There is nothing that engages the audience more than participation . In a fun content , away from the formal tone, if you add things like surveys you will increase engagement a lot. You can also put a form in the middle to ask for answers to specific questions, or to give your opinion in the comments at the end.

Make your audience feel that they participate and you’ll be a little closer to the lead.

10. Offer a modern design

The traditional does not matter. The conventional tires. The common is scary, because there is so much advertising and messages trying to enter a person’s brain that they have to resort to discrimination.


I mean that people are more and more selective , and with a website they will not be less. If you have a different design that can be identified with your brand , much better. Innovate, skip the script and surprise your audience with an incredible combination of colors, fonts and shapes.

11. Be unpredictable

Surprising your audience constantly is the best way to keep them motivated. Your content, the things you do, what you talk about, how you express yourself, what user response you ask for, the ending you give … It varies and don’t let them see you arrive .

And now think about combining modern design with unexpected behavior. Success is assured . Not only will your audience feel comfortable reading you, but they will look forward to that moment week after week.

And for this, what are they going to do? Give you their email , so you can put it in your database and let them know when new content comes out. Boom!

12. Be the first to write about the latest news

This is logic. If, in addition to doing all of the above, you manage to be the first to talk about something that just happened, those eager for information will seek you out before others . And so that they are not overlooked, they will leave their email so that you can send them an email with each new publication. Once you have written the content you can use drip marketing campaigns to disseminate your content.

13. Again with the subscription boxes

At the end of each post you have to put one. If they have gotten there, it is more than likely that they liked it and, therefore, have no problem repeating.


However, it has been proven that placing subscription boxes also in the middle of the contents is very useful. Ideally, you should do it right after a peak moment, the kind in which the reader’s attention is totally focused on what he is reading.

Add the small form in exchange for a lead magnet and you’re done.

14. Offer free lead magnets

With this we are done. The lead magnet, as its name suggests, seeks to get the lead from your audience. It is the term that is used for a small info product that you are going to give away in exchange for an email .

Ideally, you should offer it in strategic areas of your website. At the end of the posts, in the middle, on the home page, that you include it in a squeeze page and refer to traffic from Facebook Ads or Google AdWords …

What usually works best is the squeeze page.

Do copywriting with content marketing and if you have segmented well, you get the mail for sure. Once you have segmented your content you can send free emails to your subscribers by using free smtp servers.

Regarding the material you offer, the more attractive it is to your visit, the better. Think about who he is, how old he is, what he likes, what he is looking for … And adapt your photos and messages on the cover to earn his wish.

Stop wasting time

A visitor that leaves without interacting is a loss that you could one day regret. Do not resign yourself to a good level of traffic and go further. The email of your readers has to be your goal. Go get him!

Do you know any other way to achieve this by doing quality content marketing? I hope you tell me in the comments.

Salman Zafar

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