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3 Ways to Optimize Your Small Business Blog

Marketing campaigns can be delivered and curated in different forms. From simple advertisements to social media posts, there are numerous outlets available to create visibility for your business. One of the ways you can dive into marketing is by establishing a business blog, a useful marketing tactic that uses blogging to get your small business more online promotion.

Each blog post essentially creates yet another chance for your main website to rank in search and appear for the queries users enter into the search engine. Moreover, a blog post will most likely be shared by someone on a social media platform or linked on another site, which becomes a marketing strategy on its own.

Business blogs help drive traffic to your website, establish authority, and provide long-term results. Even though they may be ignored, business blogs are an effective marketing method that extends the promotion of your business to other platforms.

It is one thing to create and use a business blog, but another to make it the best and worthwhile marketing strategy for your small business. You must invest and enhance your business blog to reap in all of the benefits of this method.


Here are three ways on how you can optimize your budding business blog.

1. Keyword Research

The main goal behind the concept of marketing is to reach the target audience of your particular business. Therefore, business blogs must have those users search and read each published post.

Enter keyword research, the process of looking up popular keywords people enter into the search engines. While the keywords you choose will correlate with your focused industry and topic, there  are still some tips on how to select the right words to optimize your business blog.

You need to look at your competitors to see what they are targeting, make your content  special, and organize a keyword budget to “shop” accordingly. Another way you can use keyword research to your advantage is by integrating the keywords into your blog post title and place them throughout your other articles on the site.


Keyword research is also used as the first step to a constructive business blog post, as they can become a brainstorming session for your next article. It is important to remember to follow guidelines because search engines have the power to penalize for incorrect keyword positions, such as keyword spamming.

By utilizing keyword research, you can optimize your small business blog, as the articles will have a better chance of ranking on search engines and found by your target user base.

2. Write the Right Kind of Content

Perhaps one of the common mistakes people make when composing their business blog  is to not focus more on the services and products rather than the needs, questions, or  concerns readers may have. To get readers to care about what you are publishing, your business blog must answer questions, solve problems and share breaking news about your industry.

The promotion of your business can be saved for your main website rather than your blog. A business blog is intended to be a marketing strategy to reach audiences, so the posts must engage in material readers would care about.

You should be up-to-date with the content for your business blog. If you are experiencing a writing block, there are ways to get the creative juices flowing for your next post.


Always check your competition, but make sure to not plagiarize but only get some kind of ideas for your unique work. Moreover, go through search engines, social media, and news aggregators for some target key phrases that can become a stepping stone for your next article.

Your business blog should become an interesting and entertaining platform for your customers where they feel like they are being heard and valued in your endeavor. Then the readers are going to be flooding in.

3. Use Visuals

People engage with images and videos along with interesting articles, so a business blog would not hurt from this addition.

Data has shown that people have a shorter attention span due to the innovation of technology. With that in mind, people would pay more attention to your business blog if it were to contain short videos and fun images. Individuals retain only 10% of the information from written content if accompanied without visuals compared to 65% when there is a type of visual.


While visuals themselves will attract the readers once they are on the business blog, search engines cannot analyze the visuals but rather the text attached to those images or videos. With this clarification in mind, you should add alt text, title, and meta description to each image of your blog to improve SEO.

The web optimization can go through the roof by simply adding these three portions to the text of your blog’s images or videos, not to mention create a constant readership for your business blog.

Bottom Line

There are countless ways, including those discussed above, that can make your small business blog into a successful and effective marketing strategy.

With the heavy reliance on technology nowadays, marketing has reserved for multiple available SEO tools that ultimately become a factor in any marketing tactic, including business blogs. The most important lesson about business blogs is not to make it as the main source of promoting services and products, but rather the message and brand of your business endeavor.

Since small business websites are intended for marketing purposes in the first place, they should be an authentic connection between entrepreneurs and customers. Hence, you should design and present the blog as a platform for the customers’ voices and queries.

Engaging and fun, a business blog should ideally become yet another step towards the success of your overall idea. With these optimizations, online visibility, readership, and awareness should increase around your business blog.

The end goal of a business blog is to be able to show up in a user’s Google search. A business blog should ultimately gain a high readership consisting of your potential customers. At the end of the day, a business blog is a bridge between the user base and the experience a business offers.

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This article is written by Marina Turea who works at content manager at Digital Authority Partners

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