Benefits Of Learning Languages For Blog Writing

Importance Of Learning Languages For Blog Writing

Blog writing is a new and easy way of earning. More and more people are getting into the habit of blog writing. It does not require much, and you get some efficient blogs written in no time. It is a great way to show your creativity to the world while also expressing yourself. Many people write blogs to show their parts that they could never show to anyone otherwise. You might assume that since writing blogs sounds really easy, you can do it without any practice or skill. I’m sad to break it to you that that’s not the case. It requires much more than an inherited skill to write. There are different ways to increase your chances of writing the best blog, and one of such ways is by learning new languages.

Let’s learn about the top 6 reasons why learning new languages can result in writing better blog posts for any blog:

1. Brings more audience

If you are writing blogs/blog posts, then one thing that you should know is to bring more audience. The audience is what makes the blogs famous. That is also how you earn money from blogs. If you do not have any audience, then there are lesser chances of you getting any paid advertisements which is one of the primary sources of earning from the blogs.

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When you write blogs in different languages, then more people will be able to understand your work and therefore increase the web traffic for your blog. More people will be sharing it because they know the people know that language and thus can feel relatable.

2. Widens your horizons

Knowing different languages enables you to understand them and therefore read in other languages. Reading the text from different languages (different backgrounds) allows you to get insight into each environment. This makes you more aware of the issues going all around the world, and therefore you are well-informed about different opinions and perspectives.

The audience loves the content, which is not biased and instead provides good information about different perspectives. This aspect of learning languages is not only beneficial in the domain of blog writing but also is a great skill when it comes to living everyday life.

3. Improves your written expressions

As the word ‘writing’ in a blog post suggests that the main focus of this task would be on writing, we get the idea that we need to improve our writing to be better at the fundamental skill. There are several ways of writing a blog that could attract or repel the audience.

For instance, when the audience feels engaged, then there are more chances of the audience getting drawn to your blog post as compared to when you are writing in a bland and straightforward way. Writing requires good use of vocabulary and written expression. When you learn different languages, then you can incorporate different ideas in your work that might not be present in other blogs.

For instance, while explaining to your audience about what is the role of language learning on the perception of an individual, you can give them an example of gender associations to objects in some languages as compared to the languages which do not have any gender for the words, for instance, English. You might perceive the moon as male if you are from India/Pakistan, but you would perceive it as female if you are from Spain/Latin American Countries.

4. Exposes you to new ideas

A good writer is one who knows a lot and can explain it to someone through their written expression. Learning one language only somehow makes your knowledge limited. You might read and study a lot, but it can never be as much as that of someone who knows different languages. This is because learning more languages increases your chances of talking to people besides your own culture. This allows you to get exposed to other ideas, and thus your information is vast and close to being accurate.

5. It makes it easier to express yourself

If you know different languages, then you can easily express yourself. Limiting yourself to one language only can prove to be harmful to your personal growth and expression. For instance, if you want to say that there is a magnificent way of doing so, using the exact words “magnificent way” might sound a bit off. However, if you use the words “magnum opus,” you might deliver your idea better to the audience. The word magnum opus literally means “a great work,” which most people are aware of even though there are chances that they would not readily use it.

Benefits Of Learning Languages For Blog Writing

However, it would help if you did not use words from different languages which no one might understand. For instance, the word “ikigai” is a Japanese word that means “the reason for being.” While most people understand it, there are different people who do not. You can use it like your ikigai (the reason for being)” by writing the word and its meaning in the brackets.

6. It leaves a pleasant impression

The most important reason why knowing different languages will be beneficial for you while writing blogs is because of your audience. Your audience will be attracted to your content if you have used some chic words (like we did just now). The audience finds it impressive when the content is written incorporating foreign words.

This is because each human being is attracted to exotic things. Getting familiar with things might help you keep the audience, but to grab their attention and impress them, you would always need the help of some exotic ideas and words/phrases that learning new languages can quickly provide you with.

In a nutshell

If you want to be an avid and successful blog writer, then learning different languages is one of the skills which you must have. It not only helps you get exposed to various new ideas but also provides you a better chance of expressing yourself.

You can get your hands on a different new audience and thus impress them in ways that they might consult your blog instead of other blogs whenever they need any help. Start learning a new language now and make your own language learning plan to get you started this 2022.

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