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What is the Best Time to Have Your Stag Do?

Once again, we’re going to be talking about the stag do. It’s a significant part of the process leading up to any wedding and is deeply ingrained in western culture. Planning is not a complicated affair, but it is one that you need to think about to get the most from the event.

So what we thought that we would do is to try and help you figure out when the best time to have your stag do is. You see, we’ve taken a lot of people through the process in the past, and so we know exactly when to have one and when not to.

So, When is The Best Time?

So when exactly should one commence with celebrating their stag night? Well, that will depend a lot on a few different factors. First of all, you have to consider that there is no perfect moment for which to have such an affair, but instead, you must take into consideration a selection of different circumstances surrounding your wedding.

Allow us to explain. The time that you should have your stag do will depend entirely upon when your wedding is, and the type of affair that you want to have. If you intend on staying in the country and hiring entertainment from a company like Celebrate Just Right, then the timing will be different than if you had plans to go abroad for a weekend.

For Stag Do’s in the Country

So let’s take a look at a stag do which takes place inside the country. The first thing that you’re going to want to take into consideration is that you should plan these events a few weeks before you intend to marry. This gives you enough time to do whatever you want, and be clear of any adverse effects long in advance. The tradition of having your stag do the night before you marry is highly impractical because you run the risk of hangovers and illnesses.

best time for stag do

For Stag Nights Abroad

So, let’s talk about a stag do which takes you abroad. This requires a little bit more planning and a bit more time to put together. The problem with going abroad is that a lot of people can’t afford to do so on short notice, so you may find that a lot of your guests cannot attend. When this happens, the best thing to do is to plan the trip a few months in advance of the wedding.

What this does is give peace the chance to book the time off work and save the money required to take such a trip. Plus, it gives you the best opportunity to pick someone that you’re going to want to go to.


In conclusion, having a stag night or a stag do will depend an awful lot on when you’re getting married and the circumstances surrounding that event. A lot of people choose to have their events weeks or months before the wedding, as so to avoid any adverse effects lingering, like for example a particularly nasty hangover. It also gives you the best chance of getting as many people involved as possible, because some people need a lot of notice to attend such events.

We advise booking about a month before and doubling that time if you intend on going abroad. This is because planning such a trip requires more time, effort, and funding, so it’s essential to allow people the chance to prepare. It also means that you can hire out whatever entertainment and activities that you want, without fear of things being booked up too close to the occasion.

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