Tips To Choose Banquet Hall

6 Tips to Select the Perfect Banquet Hall for Your Wedding

Out of a zillion other arrangements surrounding your wedding, the banquet hall is the most crucial one. And often the one that exhausts a lot of time, resources and energy. Read on to know how you can finalize a perfect banquet hall for your wedding without having to break your head and run around a lot.

1. Budget

Considering you will have a whole lot of other things to take care of, be sure you don’t exhaust all or go overboard here. Setting a budget is like an outline of painting, once you have that in place, you can casually paint on canvas while playing around with colors. So make sure you start your wedding preparations by setting out a makeshift budget.

2. Capacity

Once you have your budget, you can then start making a guest list to calculate the number of guests. Now, this step is also important because all the necessary arrangements will depend on this number. You sure don’t want your wedding to be packed like sardines, neither do you want it to look vacant. So have that number right and look out for space accordingly.

Tips To Choose Banquet Hall

3. Ambiance

This space should be able to reflect that picture of the dream wedding in your head. Of course, you should never compromise here. This requires a little bit of imagination, to be able to picture the place with all the lights and decoration but trust your gut and the vibes of the place. The hall should have enough chairs and tables with the picture-perfect décor, centerpieces and banquet tablecloths. When you see the place, in your head you should be screaming “yay! This is it “

4. Location

Given the world, we live in if not chosen properly location and climate conditions can cause a lot of trouble. Now to be devoid of such troubles, choose a location that’s convenient to both the families as well as the guests. A remote location can be all fancy and good if you can make proper arrangements around it. On WedMeGood, you can filter by your city & locality to find a venue where you want. For e.g. If you are looking for an AC banquet hall in Chennai, just filter the city by Chennai.

5. Proximity

Consider the distance of the nearest airport & railway station in case of a lot of guests traveling from outstations. Also, consider the distance of the banquet hall from your residence. If the banquet hall does not have necessary arrangements for the guests to stay you will have to look out for space nearby so in that case consider the availability of rooms nearer to the banquet hall.

6. Arrangements

Check if the banquet hall has catering, food and beverage services available in-house. It is always suggested to book everything and have a hassle-free wedding but if you are very particular about it, you can also just opt for a hall and not the services. Either way, be clear of what you want and make negotiations accordingly.

Use this as a quick checklist in order of its priority and the whole process of choosing a banquet hall will become absolutely flawless. Use it quickly and get it done with as you have a line of other arrangements and events to look forward to.

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