dangers posed by squirrels

Why is a Squirrel a Dangerous Animal and How to Protect Yourself from Bad Consequences?

Squirrels are very cute animals, but such close contact with them can bring serious trouble. Once in a wound, the rabies virus spreads along the nerve fiber, reaches the central nervous system, affects the brain and leads to the death of a person. This is the case if prophylaxis with rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin is not carried out in a timely manner.

To prevent negative consequences, it is best to do squirrel removal. Today this is a very common service that is performed by professional companies. Specialists go to the site, assess the situation and develop an action plan depending on the situation.

Professionals have extensive experience in this matter, so they do it quickly and efficiently. Moreover, they act using humane methods so as not to harm anyone and preserve animals and not harm the surrounding nature.

Can squirrels bite?

Certainly. They do not know how to carefully take food from their hands and may accidentally bite. The bites are painful: their teeth are designed to crack nuts, so the jaw pressure is quite strong. The holes remain small, but the hand hurts for a very long time.

What if she didn’t bite, but only scratched?

If there are microcracks in the skin, the virus can enter the bloodstream through a scratch, so it is better to consult a specialist. He should wash the wound with soapy water and treat it with any skin antiseptic:

  • alcohol;
  • iodine;
  • special solutions.

This is if the torso is injured. And if there is a bite or scratch on the face or limbs, then you must also give rabies immunoglobulin and, after 30 minutes, an anti-rabies vaccine.

The danger of these localizations is that there are peripheral nerves on the face, the brain is close, where the virus can enter, and through the limbs the virus quickly spreads along the nerve endings to the spinal cord, and the spinal canal with cerebrospinal fluid is connected to the brain. If there is no damage to the skin, but just drooling, you can wash the wound yourself with soapy water and treat it with an antiseptic.

The worst thing is lacerations that can be caused by larger animals, such as dogs. Here, turning to specialists is a vital necessity, regardless of the location of the wound. It is imperative to administer both rabies immunoglobulin and rabies vaccine.

Naturally, many people, when they see a squirrel, want to feed it. And here we need rules.

How to feed a squirrel correctly?

It’s better to just put the food on the ground and walk away. It must be remembered that in the summer no animal should be fed. Squirrels, for example, in the summer feed on greens (conifer seeds, leaves, etc.), and if we feed them with seeds and/or nuts, and this is fatty food that they should not eat in the summer, then the squirrel has such a background diet shrinks the liver.

In winter they need to be fed. Squirrels can be given unroasted seeds, walnuts and pine nuts, carrots, apples, and rolled oats.

You should not feed these animals from the palm of your hand, especially for children, no matter how cute it may seem, the doctor warned.

Don’t forget that not all infections are transmitted from squirrels and other wild animals to humans, but various diseases can also be transmitted from person to animal. That is, such cross-infection should not be allowed.

What other animals carry rabies?

Martens, raccoons, nutria – all rodents except rats. There are also foxes, from which not only hunters can suffer, but also furriers who do not take precautions when cutting skins. And squirrels, of course.

You can also become infected with the rabies virus from pets: from a cat that the owners let out for a walk, from a neighbor’s dog, to which some parents fearlessly let their child approach.

It often happens that even an animal vaccinated against rabies, for some reason, has not received immunity against the virus and is a source of infection.

But in the zoo you can touch

Animals in the zoo are vaccinated; there are no known cases of a person contracting rabies from a bear or monkey. But there is no guarantee that an infected squirrel will not jump into the cage. Therefore, under no circumstances should you put your hands through the bars or take pictures next to a wild animal. Moreover, here we are talking not only about the danger of rabies, but in general about the danger that any closeness to animals poses.

dangers posed by squirrels

What are the signs of rabies?

Increased temperature, headache, fatigue, decreased appetite, that is, severe intoxication syndrome, as well as increased sensitivity of the limbs at the site of the bite (stiffness, numbness, muscle twitching). From the fourth to the seventh day, the stage of excitement is noted, the person becomes violent, hallucinations begin, irritation from the slightest sounds, photophobia, the temperature rises to 40 degrees and above.

Then damage to the cranial nerves occurs, double vision, dysfunction of the maxillofacial nerve, expressed in facial asymmetry, pain at the exit points of the trigeminal nerve, and disruption of the swallowing process.


Squirrels are very cunning and dangerous creatures. Indeed, they look very friendly and even cute, but there is another side to this situation. Damaged property, human health and much more are just small facts of what can subsequently come from contact with squirrels. This is especially true for wild animals that do not come into contact with people and can cause aggression towards any person.

It is the competent work of specialists that will help you get rid of squirrels and enjoy a quiet life with family and friends, in your home and not think about the fact that something might happen. Moreover, calling specialists is a kind of investment in yourself, in your comfort and in your future. Catching squirrels on your own can cause serious moral and financial damage. Therefore, the choice here seems obvious.

Salman Zafar

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