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Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Electronic Dog Door

All dog owners want to ensure their pets are happy and, thus, look for different tools and dog uprising methods to make their pets comfortable and intelligent. Among the most significant home alterations you need if you live in a house is installing a suitable access point for your pet. The dog door can either be a flap installed either on a door, fence, or wall or a more complex one. This door enables your dog to move freely in and out of the house without your help.

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When pet doors were first introduced, they were simple holes that your pet could pass through with ease. With time, pet doors continuously evolved, and these holes transformed into small to extra large electronic dog door options that many people have today.

automatic dog door

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These items adopted the era-specific technologies, such as simple, flexible panels, hinged flaps that were sometimes spring-loaded, and quite recently, sensor-controlled opening and closing. Often, these pet doors are installed in such a way that they do not compromise home security, meaning they ensure protection against rain, wind, as well as potential intruders.

With current technological advancements, there has been an increase in the demand for high-quality automated pet doors, especially for dogs. Such an item can now offer extra security by reacting only to your pet and allowing it to enter and leave the house. An electronic dog door utilizes specific motorized systems and restricts pests and other animals from entering your place with the help of automated detection systems, such as RFIDs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Dog Doors

One of the main reasons why a dog door is so important is that, similar to most people, dogs need attention and the ability to enjoy the world outside. However, we are often busy and can’t walk with our dogs for really long. A dog door offers your pet the freedom to play in the yard when you are working.

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Previously, a pet entrance flap could swing in and out got the job done, but such items were not perfect solutions. Most traditional dog doors often let unwanted animals and pests into the house, not to mention cold drafts of wind. A standard door had to be manually opened and closed all the time, which affected its purpose altogether.

That’s why, with struggling dog owners in mind, vet companies developed a viable solution and presented an electronic dog door for wall, fence, and gate. An automated dog door solves almost all the challenges, which previous solutions could not, and only reacts when your dog wants to use it.

Therefore, installing an automated pet entrance is guaranteed to enhance your pet’s comfort thanks to the benefits it offers over traditional models. However, are these automatic dog doors worth the investment? Here is a table of the pros and cons of an electronic pet door to sum up.



Provides your dog with more freedom to be active Takes time for your dog to adjust to the door
Allows you to go above your business and not constantly open and close the door for your pet Involves additional costs to install or change the door
Your dog is less likely by chewing and scratching furniture when bored Consumes additional resources, as the motor needs the power to run effectively
Better-quality weather seals that guarantee improved insulation compared to traditional models Installing a dog door often voids the manufacturer’s warranty on your door
It is possible to find an electronic dog door large or small The increased freedom also increases the chances of your dog tracking mud into the house
You have more protection against wild animals and pests A large electronic dog door can be considered as a security risk

Working of an Automated Dog Door

It may be time-consuming to choose the right pet door, especially if you have a large dog. Nonetheless, there are numerous electronic options to select from, and the main idea is to settle on the quality one. If you are wondering how this device works, an entrance operates, thanks to a dog door electronic sensor. The door receives signals to open or close as your pet comes closer or moves away, respectively, from the door.

Besides, these doors may be powered by either some batteries or be connected to a power source to supply the motor and sensor. These signals originate from either an infra-red transmitter, an electronic frequency generator, embedded microchip, or RFIDs. The signal generators can either be on the dog’s collar or name tag. Some of the latest electronic pet door models allow operating the dog entrances remotely, thus, providing you with complete control of the entry point.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchase

With the vast array of automated pet door variations in terms of size and functionality, how can one ensure you get the most suitable and practical one? Below are some considerations that most dog owners share when selecting automated doors for their dogs. They include:

  • Placement
  • The environment you wish to install it
  • Ownership of the building
  • Size requirements of the dog
  • Features needed
  • Price of purchase and installation

By considering these six factors, you are guaranteed to opt for an electronic dog entrance that will be beneficial and practical. Dog doors make life more convenient for your dog, and by extension, you, too. Also, if you decide to buy an automated pet door, choose one with a remote control to ensure you can effectively monitor your pet’s movements.

Buy the Right Automatic Dog Door

As you now know, installing an electronic dog door is an effective way to provide the dog with a little more freedom. At the same time, thanks to the automated option, it is possible to protect the house from other animals, pests, and even thieves. With the recommendations mentioned above, you can purchase a high-quality item and enjoy the benefits it offers.

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