5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog House Warm in the Winter

Temperatures during winters are not polite on our bodies. All we want to do is remain in our warm homes, or even tuck under the blankets to retain warmth. One small exposure to cold could lead to development of frostbite.

As you keep yourself warm, you should always consider having your pet, the dog, remain warm as well. For some of us, getting the dog inside our houses is a no-no. Well, that is your choice; however, you would be wrong if you leave all the fur on the dog’s body to do all the warming.

You are responsible for your furry friend the moment you invest in taking care of them. Supplements for dogs can help your pup keep their immune system healthy, too. Which is vital when you want your dog to keep growing and developing, and staying immune to colds and diseases.

You should also work towards warming the doghouse so that he or she will feel comfortable and remain in there, even during severe winter storms. How to keep the doghouse warm in winter? It is easy. Here are the tips that you could use.

1. Buy a heater

Do not think that using the heater that you use in your home would do the dog a great favor. Those devices help to warm massive space, and that is why they are only fit for the house. If you take it to the dog shelter, you are sure that the heat will spread to the room within a few seconds.

To avoid burning the dog, purchase a heater for dog house. It releases enough heat to ensure that the dog remains comfortable. Additionally, the good thing about these shelters is that they have a protective barrier that prevents the dog from burning up in case it falls, or the beast touches it.

2. Insulate the shelter

If you cannot allow the dog to live in the house during these cold seasons, then the other solution is to insulate its space. Primarily, when building it, raise it from the ground. You could place some wood planks, which prevent water from getting into the chamber if it rains.

doghouse winter

Another way is to ensure that you seal every space in it. For instance, locate holes and seal them appropriately. It would also be appropriate to redo the roof. Add protective membrane that keeps the wind from getting through it-also the rain. This dog house can be also used as chinchilla cage.

3. Move the house

Your primary aim is to keep your dog inside the chamber. Therefore, it would be proper if you move the room under a patio or garage. Here, you will have to create some space to fit it. However, you could also place the house under a tree to prevent water that falls off the roof consuming all the heat.

In the moving process, install a door flap on the exits. Open spaces could freeze the whole room if you leave it that way. Flaps allow the dog to get in and out without any struggle. You could also use strips as an alternative.

4. Heat up the floor

After sealing all spaces, you could try to heat up the level. Use a variety of methods including installing a ceramic bulb. These type of bulbs are preferable to the plastic ones because they do not overheat. Besides, place a guard on top of the lamp to keep the dog from touching it.

Use heating pads like those that you use to warm up your bed. Place it under the bed. By the way, note that you should raise the bed off the ground. Other things that could help include using a heated bed and mat, use dry straw and light up a room.

5. DIY heating methods

It would be unfair if I forgot to remember some few tricks for the DIY fellows. Instead of buying material, which could be harmful to the dog, find out DIY tricks you could use at home. One of those things you could do is using a rice-filled sock or using a heated bottle.

Take advantage of the sun rays by placing the dog on the path of the rays. Another effective way to use includes painting the dog shelter with black paint. Remember that black absorbs heat. Recycle the warm air from your house by siphoning it into the chamber using a pipe.

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