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Green Garments: Clothing Choices That Are Healthy For You

It’s not something that might spring to mind, but maybe some of our clothing choices can have a direct impact on our health. While the fact is that we buy clothes that have a direct impact on how we feel, in other words, they make us feel good, are there some clothes that don’t just benefit us in terms of how we feel, but are there some clothes that are good for us? But also, are there some green garments that are bad for us? Let’s peel back the layers.

Is Going Organic Good For Us?

If you choose to pick garments that are less impactful on the planet, which will help to save energy and reduce dangerous chemicals in the air, they tend to cost a bit more than the cheap and trendy clothing lines available. Remember, when it comes to picking classics, these will always outlive any trendy brand, and so, you should go for good quality brands, because you know that the fabrics are built to last.

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There are online stores such as that specialize in ethically sourced and organic clothing, and while it may not be good for our purses, the quality means that you are buying something that will last a lot longer, and is beneficial for the planet. Remember, making fabric involves a lot of chemicals, which includes textile finishing, and dyes that can be carcinogenic. So by going for untreated organic materials, you will know that they have been treated with the minimum of hazardous chemicals.

Clothes That Can Benefit Us In The Health Sense

The various amounts of clothes that are designed to make us look good, are usually the same ones that don’t benefit us and, in fact, are more than likely going to cause us absolute agony. As anyone who has worn a pair of stilettos can attest, while they make you look great, and taller, these are the worst types of shoes for feet. And in fact, stilettos can play havoc with your body alignment! So, are there any clothes that are actually good for us in a physical sense? Well, in fact, there are.

There have been bras developed by osteopaths that fasten at the front, which has control bands crossing at the center of the spine, so it helps you to support your back. There are also tights that can kill bacteria. Now, 75% of women get some type of fungal infection during their life, and the Body System Hosiery Collection, from Couture, have been made with an antimicrobial agent and has been shown to fight the causes of athlete’s foot and thrush.

And for those who have continual problems with their back, they can purchase a magnetic back brace, which is a great way to heal fractures and injuries. The brace is designed to be worn underneath clothing, and while there have been various studies on magnetic fields; it hasn’t been implemented in a fashion sense before! So if you do have style at the forefront of your mind, but you’ve got injuries, this can be a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

And not forgetting jewelry, for those who have to wear glasses, but have light sensitivity, there are now glasses on the market that block blue light. So if you spend a lot of time on your phone just before bed, the impact of that blue light can seriously disrupt your beauty sleep, and the great thing is that they look just like normal glasses! Websites like supply various styles to suit most people’s head shapes. These are the very basics when it comes to clothes that are actually good for you, but which ones are bad for you?

Dress For Danger!

When it comes to clothes that are bad for you, there are various factors to take into account. Generally, people don’t have to suffer if they have proper hygiene and some common sense, but here are some things you might want to reconsider before putting on again:

Skinny jeans – the thing about skinny jeans, especially the super skinny variety, is that they can put pressure on nerves in your legs and groin, which can reduce blood flow to the lower legs. As a result, this could cause numbness, swelling, as well as muscle damage. This applies to any clothing that’s tight, not just skinny jeans. If the fabric rubs against your skin, this could disrupt the skin barrier that helps prevent infections, which could cause you to sweat more and so you could get more bacterial infections.

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Choosing healthy clothing is not an impossible task

Thongs – if you’re partial to wearing skimpy underwear during the summer, the bacteria and viruses could easily cause an infection in your delicate region. When you have to wear a thong, make sure you wear one that fits!

Control top tights – much like clothes that are too tight, stockings can be as bad for you as denim. Some of the issues caused by shapewear that is too tight can include acid reflux, by way of squashed organs and stomach pain!

Underwear – this isn’t an excuse to go commando at every given moment, but colored underwear can irritate the skin around your nether regions, so you should always go for white cotton, rather than colored underwear made from a synthetic material.

Underwire bras – because the underwire is usually made of nickel, this could cause unsightly rashes, so you should go for a bra without an underwire that pokes out.

The Final Word…

Now, choosing healthy clothing may sound like an impossible task, but you know your body, and while we all love to look good, sometimes it’s these clothes that are the worst offenders. So, while we’ve seen all those people who prefer to feel comfortable in clothing, they can be the worst styles for your wardrobe. So, if you’ve got to wear clothes that are bad for you, cheap and not organic, try to minimize the wearing of them when you can. Go healthy, but make sure you go stylish!

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