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Use Buttons and Give Your Garments a Classy Look

You may be currently undertaking a knitting project for your near and dear one. You take care to ensure the garment is perfect in every aspect. However, you may not feel comfortable sewing zippers for a variety of reasons. It involves plenty of hard work, and end-product can look messy if you don’t get right. This is this obviously the last thing you want. You prefer to buttons in place of them. However, don’t give them a very serious thought until you are the verge of completing it. Even then you probably have a tough time figuring out the right ones.

Importance & functionality of buttons

Prominent experts say people who carry out knitting projects use buttons as a fastening mechanism. These items also enhance the aesthetic value of the garment if sewn correctly. This is the reason why clothes manufacturers use them more often in their products than zippers. No wonder you see them in shirts, trousers coats, dresses and children’s clothes.

fun buttons garments

You can also use them to attach two different fabrics together. As a decorative item, they can make your garment stand out among the crowd. This is a fact which you can’t afford to overlook. After all, you want the person wearing it to appreciate your efforts.

What do you need to consider when selecting the right buttons of your garments?

These professionals explain the following three important factors you got to consider when sewing buttons on your garment:

1. Type of garment

This is the most important aspect which you need to consider. The type of garment you are making determines the buttons you’ve got to use. The buttons found in wedding dresses won’t be the same as those manufacturers use for children’s attire. They are subject to entirely different levels of pressure. This is a fact which you have got to remember. It is prudent on your part to search CraftOnline website. You’ll probably get ones suitable for the garment you are making at a reasonable price.

2. Quality and texture of fabric

This is another critical aspect which you aren’t overlooking. You obviously know that all buttons are not of same weight and construction. Sewing a very heavy button on a light fabric can be a disaster waiting to happen. It can alter the lining of the garment you are making. In the worst-case scenario, it can even tear the fabric because of the immense pressure.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t place a small button on a heavy fabric like a fur coat. The results can be just as bad. You’ll hardly be able to see it. There is always a possibility it comes off, and you may lose altogether.

3. Aesthetics

Buttons come in a wide variety of colours and styles. They can give the garment you are making a touch of class. It can be either sophisticated or minimalistic as you want it to be. This is obviously something you want.

Final Words

Buttons can do wonders to your knitting project. These items can set the garment you are making out from the rest. However, you do need to be careful; it comes to choosing the rights. Fortunately, the above three important tips can help you make the right choice.

Salman Zafar

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