benefits of computerized sewing machine

The 5 Benefits Of Using A Computerized Sewing Machine

Sewing machines have been getting increasingly sophisticated over the years. This has enabled a lot of creativity to come out of a lot of people in ways that weren’t possible before. From embroidery to complex project patterns, they have been able to do a lot of complex procedures for fashion and more.

The latest version of a sewing machine has left the other incarnations in the dust. Now there are computerized sewing machines that have revolutionized crafting and taken things to another level. They are intimidating to people used to traditional electric sewing machines, however.

In this article, we will go over the benefits of a computerized sewing machine so you can see how it will transform your crafting career.

1. Lots of stitching options

Some people may consider that there are too many stitching options available thanks to the computerized sewing machine. However, there is no doubt that the ability to choose from so many different stitches has a lot of benefits.

Making a new stitch or even adjusting the width of a particular stitch is easier than ever. Decorative stitches are easier than ever to achieve which unlocks a variety of creative ways to stitch or decorate a garment.

There are between 50 and 250 different stitch designs available on digital sewing machines to choose from. This is compared to the typical 20 available on traditional mechanical machines.

2. Automation

For those that are trying to make a living with their crafts, the automation features of a computerized sewing machine are a lifesaver. It allows them to work very quickly and with precision since it is the onboard computer doing the bulk of the work.

Some of them will take over much of the work required. Once the thread is loaded and the settings configured, the machine takes over. There is hardly any need to touch anything at this point while the computer does its thing.

3. Saving patterns

Efficiency is at the heart of a digital sewing machine. One of the best ways to save time is to have stitches and patterns saved. When doing similar jobs on a regular basis, it pays off to have a way to save them for future use. This saves loads of time so you can get more work done.

benefits of computerized sewing machine

4. Connectivity

Many computer sewing machines are able to connect to a smartphone or PC which opens up a lot more creativity. This allows for designing complex patterns on a computer that can be saved and used on the sewing machine.

When doing embroidery, this function is indispensable. Images are able to be converted into embroidery using the software that allows for these designs.

5. Speed control

Since there is no need for a foot pedal to use the machine, speed is far easier to control precisely. With a foot pedal, even the slightest extra pressure can result in excess speed that is difficult to control.

With a computerized sewing machine, the speed is programmable and stays constant.


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