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Backyard Design Tips For a More Relaxing Space

Backyards should be relaxing spaces to unwind and enjoy life with family and friends. Homeowners sometimes find it challenging to create that place of refuge. Read on for some top tips for making the backyard a more relaxing space.

Comfortable Seating

Seating is important. For a truly relaxing outdoor experience, choose lounge chairs, loungers, or a deep seating set. Companies like Windward Design Group specialize in luxury outdoor furniture. If the seating is comfortable, homeowners will spend more time outdoors.

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Keep Things Clean and Tidy

Remove the clutter in a backyard by pruning or removing overgrown trees and moving play equipment. Homeowners should get rid of furniture that is old and broken. Only keep the things that will be used and enjoyed regularly. Consider storing extra outdoor items in the basement or a shed rather than in the backyard.

Choose Beautiful Landscaping

Homeowners who wish to have a relaxing outdoor space should carefully plan and choose plants that look natural in their setting. Choosing a theme or mood for landscaping can make homeowners feel like they are in their favorite vacation spot. Choose plants that adapt well to the environment. Mix trees, vines, perennials, and shrubs for a fuller look. Professional landscape designers or garden store workers can help choose plants that work well together.

Ensure Shade

Umbrellas provide needed shade in backyards. They make people think of a vacation resort or the beach. Owners can also create shade by using pergolas, gazebos, awnings, leafy trees, or vines.

Keep It Private

Privacy is essential when creating a relaxing outdoor space. Carefully placed screens, walls, or fences can keep spaces quiet and private. Arbors and overhead roofs can add to the seclusion. Tall shrubs, thick bushes, bamboo, or hedges can accomplish this task while being natural and lush.

Add a Water Feature

The sound and sight of water have a calming effect on most people. A pool is an excellent choice, as it cools people while allowing them to exercise. Many people don’t have the money for a pool, but smaller water features can also add to the ambiance of a backyard. Homeowners can add a graded pond, koi pond, fountain, or birdbath to their backyards to create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

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Choose a Fire Pit

Fire pits add warmth to a backyard and provide a place to sit and talk with friends and family. Conversations can go on late into the night while roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. Fire pits, chimineas, and fireplaces are reasonably priced. Be sure not to place the fire pit near a structure, under a roof, or on top of a deck.

Light the Space Well

Choosing the right kind of lighting will lead guests outdoors and keep them there. Citronella candles add light as well as a mosquito repellent. LED lights come in many varieties and have a longer life span while being cool to the touch. LED string lights drape nicely, are beautiful, and look nice even when they aren’t on.

Outdoor Christmas lights are a less expensive alternative. While they are usually used to decorate for Christmas, they can easily be used year-round to decorate the backyard. Be sure to choose lights that continue to stay lit if one bulb burns out.

Bottom Line

Staying home and enjoying the beautiful outdoors can be the most relaxing way to spend your free time. Use some of these tips to make the backyard a truly inviting environment.

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