How Much Does Leather Furniture Cost

How Much Does Leather Furniture Cost?

Leather furniture adds a classic and stylish look to your room. Even though it is more expensive than fabric furniture, it is durable and easier to maintain. Here you must be thinking just how much does leather furniture cost? Then you should understand that many factors determine the price of a furniture piece.

Factors like the quality and type of leather, size of furniture and its type, and the features and options included. This article focuses on these factors, so continue reading to understand what will affect the cost of leather furniture you are thinking of buying.

What factors affect the cost of leather furniture?

1. The quality and type of leather

The first factor that determines the cost of leather furniture is the type of leather used.

There are two types of leathers used in leather furniture:

  • Genuine leather made from 100% cowhide.
  • Bonded leather made from bits and pieces of leather that fall away during processing.

Genuine leather feels smoother, softer, and more durable as compared to bonded leather. Whereas bonded leather chips away over time. Moreover, genuine leather is more expensive as compared to bonded leather. If you want leather furniture at lower costs, then go for bonded leather furniture. You should ask questions from the dealer before you make the purchase.


Sometimes the tag says they are made from genuine leather, but it does not indicate that the whole piece is made from it. Main parts may be made with genuine leather, while other areas may be covered with lower-quality leather. So always be sure before you buy leather furniture. You can find top-quality leather furniture at

2. The size and type of furniture

Larger leather furniture pieces will cost more than smaller ones because more leather is needed to cover the furniture. This means that a leather couch will cost more than a leather chair.

So before you decide to buy leather furniture, plan your budget and keep in mind your requirement for the room, so if you want to cut down on cost, then it is advisable to go for the smaller version of the furniture you need.

3. The features and options

As with other furniture, the features, options, and upgrades will add to the cost of the furniture. Features like powered reclining furniture, cup holders, and inbuilt chargers are some examples that will increase the cost of leather furniture.

How Much Does Leather Furniture Cost

Moreover, the finish and cushioning options will also add to the cost. In addition to this, designing, patterns, logos, dye colors are other factors that will also increase the cost of adding them.

In a nutshell

The cost of leather furniture varies depending upon the quality and type of leather, size, type of furniture, and the features and upgrades added to it. High-end genuine leather will provide more comfort and durability but will also cost more than lower-quality leather.

The larger the furniture and the more features and options included in the furniture, the higher the cost of the furniture piece. So keeping this in mind, it will be easier for you to know what to expect and what to see to find a good quality furniture piece you want. Hope this leather furniture buying guide has been of real help in decorating your home.

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