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5 Creative Summer Decorating Ideas You Can’t Ignore

Decorating for the seasons is always a fun way to give your home a new, fresh look and summer is no exception. Whether you just purchased a new home among Atlanta real estate or you’ve been living in your house for years, these tips can help you create the ideal summer makeover.

1. Go Beachy

Summer is all about the beach, and even if you’re hundreds of miles away from the ocean, you can still take advantage of seaside décor. Change up your bedding using light fabrics which will help keep you cooler. Take advantage of all sorts of beach-inspired patterns like aquamarine, blue and white.

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Touches of beach or nautical décor can be added to any room – perhaps seashells and driftwood, throw pillows in navy blue and white stripes, or a lighthouse relic from a yard sale or flea market. You could even plant succulents in a large seashell – tiny plants can last for a long time and require only minimal care but add a ton of character.

2. Transform Outdoor Spaces into Summer Entertaining Areas

Take advantage of warm summer evenings for entertaining outside. Remote control LED strip lights can create an especially pleasant ambiance and even come in a wide variety of themes and hues, although classic white bulbs can be ideal too, easily blending it into any style.

If nights get chilly where you live, adding a firepit creates the perfect spot for gathering around. Bring in the tropics by adding tiki lanterns, colorful cloth napkins and glasses to patio tables and so on.

3. Create a ‘Gallery Wall’ Using Summer Vacation Photos

Do you have a bunch of summer vacation photos lying around or in photo albums that rarely get seen? Or, if you’re like many, most of your pictures may be online. If it’s the latter, get them printed out (there are lots of online photo printing services these days and many sell cute frames or can turn them into canvas prints like Snapfish.com).

Either way, put them in frames and arrange them on your wall – it makes for a beautiful work of art that’s perfect for summer décor while allowing you to enjoy all those fun memories.

4. Set a Summer Dinner Table

Change up your dinner table by purchasing dishes in tropical colors, with floral designs or a nautical theme. Fill a vase with greenery and smaller flowers, perhaps marigolds which come in a wide range of shades from gold and tangerine to pinks and red as the centerpiece.

Candles in scents of the summer are great too, like ocean breeze, mandarin or bamboo and coconut. You might also clear a small table to create a mini-bar, arranging glassware and bottles on a summery serving tray and adding elements like paper umbrellas.

5. Update Old Furniture with New Color

If you have any tired-looking furniture, or perhaps find a vintage piece at a garage sale, give it new life by painting it in a summer color like sky blue. Use a high-gloss spray paint for a lacquered look, priming the piece first so that the paint better adheres to the surface.

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