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7 Luxury Home Office Design Trends on the Rise in 2022

More people are working from home now than in the past. If you are working remotely, having your own home office can help keep you productive. However, you may not know how to decorate the space

This article contains seven luxury home office design trends that can inspire you. You will be sure to find something you love below!

1. Stunning Backdrops

Stunning backgrounds are on the rise for 2022 in-home office spaces. With all the Zoom calls you’ve had to attend over the past year, it makes sense that more people want the space captured on camera to look nice!

Take the time to place art, photos, decorations, and other items behind you. You may want to give the wall behind you a new coat of paint or install an inset bookshelf. No matter what you decide, you want the back wall to look nice.


Your backdrop can vary, depending on where your office desk is in the room. However, it will always be in the space where your camera faces. Make sure to clean up this area and create a stunning view. Adding plants and more lighting is another excellent way to spruce up your backdrop.

2. Cozy Reading Nooks

Where do you move to when you want to take a break from work? Many remote workers are creating reading nooks inside of their offices. The nook doesn’t have to take up much space, making it an excellent option for anyone to try out.

Set up a soft rug, blankets, or even a tiny sofa in the corner of your office. Some people even enjoy using bean bags. Placing a small bookshelf nearby will encourage you to read and relax during your work breaks. A nook can even be the perfect place to enjoy a quick snack!

Your reading nook will be unique to you, so don’t hesitate to get creative with the design. You can include several different luxury items- carpets, comfortable chairs, plants, and decorations are all great options. Plus, you can decorate your nook with art that you love. Make sure to keep your favorite books or magazines nearby!

3. Electric Fireplaces

Next, more people are choosing to add electric fireplaces to their home offices. These items are lovely- they come in so many different colors and styles, so you have a lot to choose from. Plus, the flames look realistic, and they produce warmth, making them great to have for the colder months.

Electric fireplaces give off a comfortable vibe while you work. Many people are choosing to add them to help reduce their stress. Imagine working with a crackling fire right next to you- it would be a truly wonderful feeling. The flames may even help to lower your blood pressure.

Overall, free standing fireplace looks stunning in the home office. You can find them in various sizes too so that they can fit even in smaller rooms. Since there are plenty of options, you won’t have to worry about overfilling your space.

4. Backyard Offices

If you have a large yard with plenty of open space, you may consider adding a backyard office. These home offices are about the size of a shed and can be decorated however you see fit. Many people choose to have large glass sliding doors installed since they let in plenty of natural light.


You can also decorate your backyard office with plenty of plants and add a nice rug. Some remote workers enjoy adding a small porch to their office- you could set up chairs and an office table out there to relax on your breaks.

Many people are getting creative with their backyard offices. You can find plenty of different building designs and more online. If you want your own space for office calls and productivity, installing a backyard office might work great for you!

5. Fun Lighting Fixtures

Additionally, you will want to experiment with your lighting fixtures. Consider chandeliers, hanging bulbs, fairy lights, or other uniquely shaped lighting fixtures. There are so many different floor lamps and desk lights to choose from- why not pick something creative and different?

home office design trends

Adding more lighting to your office will make it appear brighter and more open. This effect can help you stay focused while you work. Plus, it makes your home office look a lot nicer.

6. Add a Fish Tank

Watching fish swimming is also very relaxing. You can add a small fish tank to your desk or install a larger one in the wall- it’s up to you! Plus, there are a variety of fish types out there. You can choose colorful species or even add shrimp to the tank.

If you enjoy aquascaping, you can build your own planted aquarium. There are three styles in aquascaping, including:

  • Nature aquarium
  • Iwagami
  • Dutch aquarium

Each offers its unique style, so you can choose one that suits your home office the best. If you decide to go with this idea, make sure to keep your tank away from electronics, windows, and drafty areas.

7. Add More Mirrors

You don’t see mirrors often in a home office, making this a unique idea to try out. Mirrors are great for reflecting natural lighting around your space and making the room appear larger than it is. That makes mirrors perfect for smaller home offices.

You can even choose unique shapes or group several different sizes of mirrors together. There are so many other options when it comes to adding mirrors to a room.  You may also explore exciting trends, such as acrylic mirrors, to add style to your home office. However, you want to place them where they won’t distract you while you work.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Overall, you want your office design to keep you motivated. If you have a pleasant room to work in, it makes “going to work” much easier- even when you have a home office. Plus, you will be sure to enjoy decorating and sprucing up your space.

While adding luxury items to your home office is a wonderful idea, make sure that you don’t go overboard. You will still want to choose functional items to help keep yourself productive.

Salman Zafar

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  1. Because of the Covid pandemic, many people are working from home. It is very important to have good furniture which is not only used for work but also improves the look of the room. The backdrop wallpaper and backyard office are amazing. Thank you very much, Salman, for this article.

  2. I was looking for my home office renovation because we do work from home. This article provides me my required information. Thanks for sharing it.

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