5 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas That’ll Inspire You to Declutter

A new year offers another chance to rewind and reset, and nothing puts the “clean” in “clean slate” like decluttering. While the positive impact of decluttering may be most apparent in the way your living space looks, the truth is that it can also help you sort out your life. When you set out to decorate a minimalist bedroom, you do so with the intention of discarding things you don’t need, and that may include everything from a bedside table with a broken leg to personal mementos that carry more toxicity than charm.

Minimalist bedrooms have boomed in popularity for this very reason. When you’re surrounded by clutter in any form, be it overcrowded furniture or a messy stash of clothes, you’re bound to feel agitated, a far from ideal feeling in a space that’s meant to be your sanctuary.

Embracing minimalism means taking every little thing into consideration, including your mattress dimensions and the amount of junk you have. Check out five of our best minimalist bedroom ideas to hit the refresh button and start anew.


1. Skip the Gallery Wall

Driven by an instinct to prevent your minimalist bedroom from looking too bare, you might resort to covering every inch of your walls with artwork. But no matter how aesthetically pleasing the frames or photos are, overcrowding your walls is as bad as not making your bed for days on end.

But this doesn’t mean you should avoid hanging artwork altogether. When done correctly, artwork can add a lot to any space, including a minimalist room.

The key is to find the right balance and hang only a few select pieces in standalone areas. As you decorate, you might even find that one large artwork above your bed commands more attention than an overcrowded gallery wall.

2. Pick One Color Palette — and Stick to It

In a bedroom, no color scheme comes close to looking as chic and clean as neutrals. If you already own neutral basics in the form of bedding, upholstery, and furniture, then embrace the versatile magic of neutralized tones.

When everything is neutral, monotony may be a concern, but an easy way to combat it is by finding elements in varying shades.

For instance, if most of your minimalist bedroom decor is white, consider brightening the space with pops of camel, tan, and metallic colors. You could even incorporate other colors, such as blues and greens, as long as they’re muted.

Another way to add more interest when working with an entirely neutral palette is by combining the right mix of patterns and textures.

3. Choose a Simple Bed Frame

The bed is the focal point of any minimalist bedroom, and your adjustable bed frame is as essential a component as the comfort of your mattress. When selecting a bed frame, make sure you’re aware of your mattress size dimensions to pick the most fitting one.

If you’re guilty of storing things under your bed and letting clutter accumulate, opt for a bed foundation without any visible space under the bed. Instead, a bed frame with hidden storage space could be a suitable alternative.

4. Add Plants for a Burst of Freshness

At first glance, it might seem like plants don’t do much beyond serving a decorative purpose. But house plants purify the air in your minimalist bedroom and can even help you sleep better as a result.


Indoor plants also offer gentle and calming energy to your entire space, which is ideal for helping you get in the decluttering mindset.

5. Eliminate Clutter from Surface Areas

The essence of a minimalist bedroom is lost if it’s drowning in clutter. Before you start decluttering, take a step back and look at your room as if you’re a visitor and not the tenant. This gives you a fresh perspective and can also help you understand what looks out of place in your minimalist room.

If you feel overwhelmed by the things you own, tackle the clutter section by section.

Start with your nightstand. Can you count more than five things? Bring it down to the essentials. Ideally, your nightstand should really only hold a handful of things that you’ll need to reach for when you’re in bed, such as your phone, a pair of glasses, and a glass of water.

Once you clear the clutter from your nightstand, you can move on to your dresser, then your closet, so on and so forth.

The goal of a minimalist bedroom isn’t to get overwhelmed by clutter, but to view it objectively so you can tackle it more effectively. Investing in the right essentials, such as a top-rated mattress, a sturdy bed frame, and storage solutions can be a good starting point.

Salman Zafar

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