How To Renew Your Interior Without Cost

How To Renew Your Interior Without Cost?

The space that surrounds us cannot remain unchanged while we are moving forward. Time goes by, we are changing and so that the feeling of comfort is not lost, the interior must change with us. Renovating every couple of years is expensive, tedious and unnecessary.

Check out some effective ways to renovate your interior at no cost right here and now!

1. Save pleasant memories

Fill a glass vase (ball, cylinder, cube) with souvenirs brought from tourist trips and excursions. Place it on a coffee table or shelf, fireplace, or work table for happy memories of great moments.

Also create a gallery of family photos. So happy moments of life will always motivate you and charge you with positivity! Make a collection of your favorite photos and place them on one of the walls or decorate an empty corner that always catches your eye.

family photo

2. Board as decor

Use old boards or boards with the effect of aging in the interior. Such a reception will create a cozy, warm atmosphere in your home and is inexpensive. For example, the headboard looks very impressive from such boards in a Scandinavian-style bedroom or in a chalet-style house.

The wall looks quite decorative and natural, completely finished with aged wood or painted to match the chosen design and style.

Color in the interior

Just a few bright color spots in the interior of a familiar room can radically change its appearance and perception. For example, you can add a canvas of a contrasting color to existing curtains; change the boring lampshades of the lamps for interesting finds from antique shops or a flea market.

Throw some brightly colored throw pillows on your living room sofa. Decorative pillows are also applicable outdoors, terraces, courtyards, and backyards.

They will noticeably refresh and change your interior, but they will cost you almost nothing.

3. Make a new floor

Renovation of a parquet or wood floor is easy to accomplish by painting. Choose light colors if there is a need to visually enlarge the space of the room or if there is little natural light in the room.

A dark floor will help accentuate light-colored furniture. The floor with a contrasting graphic pattern, which can repeat the pattern or patterns of wallpaper, upholstery, or curtains, looks modern and very impressive.

advantages of engineered wood floor

For the neat application of complex patterns, prepare stencils with pattern fragments before work, use masking tape for straight graphic lines.

4. Panel on the wall – do it yourself

Get creative, decorate the room with an original wall clock. A variety of numbers, photos, and objects will easily fill the dial without costing you a dime.

You can use numbers for doors or wardrobe, beads and pebbles, details, and children’s toys. And you can look for interesting, themed items in shops with old things or on your own mezzanines to create a watch in a certain style. You just have to buy a clockwork.

After renovation, there is often a surplus of fabric or wallpaper that was used in the decoration. We suggest using them for making wall panels. To do this, insert them into prepared frames, which you can make yourself or find in art salons and at a flea market. The idea of the panel not only visibly decorates the interior, creates a focal point, but also helps to save your money for other creative experiments.

How To Renew Your Interior Without Cost

5. Furniture nails

Give your furniture a solid and chic look with upholstery nails. This finish looks expensive and stylish, and for this, you only need a hammer and, in fact, furniture nails.

In furniture fittings stores, you can choose exactly what is suitable in your case: individual nails or a tape (molding) made of nails, with caps in the form of overlays, a hemisphere, a shell, a bead, a flower; nails made of different materials and accordingly different colors.

“Furniture stitching” made of decorative nails is part of the traditional English style. If you decide to give your interior an English luster, use this tip. If the shape of the furniture has a more modern configuration, then finishing with decorative nails will give it a stylish look and personality.

Decorative nails are used in furniture design:

  • at the border of materials in the traditional form
  • to emphasize structural elements
  • as a decorative technique for individual finishing

6. Get rid of the clutter

Any space is perceived positively if it is free and not cluttered. Clutter distracts your guests from interesting details of the room, its content, and original decor. This is all the more important for the living room because it “meets” the guests and creates the first impression of the whole house from it.

declutter your home

Organize storage space for things, cabinets, or shelves for books and magazines. Choose only a few copies of books and photographs that you would like to highlight and present to guests. We suggest placing them on a coffee table in the recreation area.

Place two or three pillows on the sofa, not more. Minimalism is an awesome trend. A very large selection of designer pillows, custom-shaped pillows, personalized pillows, and more can be found at AllAboutVibe.

Wrapping up

And if you cannot afford designer repairs yet, don’t worry and don’t rush to get used to being happy with little. All in all, you can refresh your home with a couple of super budget upgrades from this list and enjoy quite an “expensive” effect.

Salman Zafar

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