Things To Know Before Moving To Sweden

Things You Should Know Before Moving To Sweden

Traveling to Sweden this summer?  If you have chosen Sweden as your destination…you are absolutely right. Sweden is nature’s gift. It is famous for its natural beauty, Excellent people, public culture, and corporate culture.

Well if you are too excited and can not wait any longer, let me discuss with you certain interesting facts that you must know before moving there. Knowing this information will better prepare you when you are already there.

But first of all, there are some films and travelogues on Sweden that can give you a brief concept on how Swedes are. I advise you to download them from The PirateBay.

In this article, we are discussing certain things that you must know before moving to Sweden. So let’s start the discussion.

Geographical Location

Sweden is a country that is situated in the Northern Part of Europe, in the Scandinavian Peninsula.  The country borders Norway to the west; Finland to the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia to the South and East.

The country indeed is Nature’s bounty as it has forests and lakes in abundance. Sweden is a nation of recyclers and hikers. It is the Pop Music Capital of the Globe. You must know that the brands IKEA, Spotify, and Volvo are all Swedish brands.


Know These Facts before Moving to Sweden

So, if you are moving to Sweden, better go with some homework. You will need them. We are sharing some of the Interesting facts that you must know before moving to the Yellow and Blue.

1. You Can Save By Shopping

You might wonder why we are calling Sweden shoppers-friendly. Yes, Sweden is indeed an expensive place, especially when you are eating outside. But there are some places that have excellent value. You just have to do your homework and go by planning.

There are certain restaurants that offer great lunch deals. There you will be getting a lot of discounted supermarkets. If you are traveling around Sweden at less popular times, you will have a great ticketing price at the last minute.

2. Swedegital

Sweden is a highly digital country. There you have plenty of online solutions that you are going to get in Sweden. Be it buying your coffee, Train tickets, medicines, and many other errands– all you could do digitally.

One interesting fact, around 6.7 million people submitted their tax returns digitally. So be prepared and then move.

3. It Really Does Get Cold In The Winter

Do not dare visit Sweden during the winters. It is not an exaggeration. Sweden is extremely cold during the winter. At the beginning of the winter, it might be a bit comfortable.

But you won’t like it when the temperatures move beyond -10 degrees Celsius. And bluish cold. Yes, won’t find much of a problem moving on public roads as they are well maintained.

4. Lonely Place

Sweden is one place where you will hardly get friends. Cities like Stockholm are rated badly when it comes to the list of friendly people

 In order to make new friends, you need to visit the chess clubs, book clubs, and ice hockey matches to make new friends.

5. Finding A Place To Live Is Tough

There are stories revolving around Sweden where people had to wait in queues for decades to get their rooms. Exaggerations! But it’s a fact that getting a house to live in, especially in the cities, is extremely tough for you. Better you rent or buy Second hand.

6. The Swedes Are An Outdoorsy Bunch

Allemansrättenis a term used by Swedish people to denote the right to public access. It allows people the right to roam on public and private land to a certain extent so that they can camp overnight to pick mushrooms and berries.

It’s the people’s gift to nature. No matter why the famous line prevails there, do not disturb, don’t destroy.

Things To Know Before Moving To Sweden

7. Take Off Your Shoes

You need to know that if you are moving to some private residence, you better take off the shoes.

Actually, the Swedes spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter and they are prone to dragging in the dirt. It’s a sign of respect for the home.

8. Be On Time

People in Sweden respect the value of time. They are extremely particular with time maintenance.  Regardless of any event- friendly interview, party, or a friendly Fika, you must display your time-bound nature all the time. Punctuality is the word for you.


Besides, the one mentioned there are some other facts that you must study before you are moving to Sweden. So go with intent and be mindful of the discussed facts.

Best of Luck. Sweden calls you.

Salman Zafar

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