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Juggling Mom: Successful Career and Marriage

In this modern world, it’s not easy if you want to have a successful career. It’s even harder if you’re a woman with kids. There are a lot of expectations when you are a juggling mom- do the house shores, take care of the kids, drive them to school. Also, do your work obligations properly and always shine. It may sound impossible, but a lot of capable women around the world do it every day. It’s doable for many women to juggle family life and career, and do it successfully. The key is a good organization. Only then will you feel like you have been doing a good job in every aspect of your life.


There are ways to for a juggling mom to organize your life so that you don’t neglect your kids and husband, neither your career. You can be a good businesswoman and a good mum.

Here are few important tips on how to maintain balance between career and family life:

1. Find good childcare

Ask around for good recommendations for nannies. Your friends and family definitely have someone to recommend. Take a deep look at the daycares like Stick to the criteria you’ll make, which would include nannies with a long experience. It will mean they are experienced in taking care of children of different ages. They should also be able to help the kids with their homework.

When you find a desirable candidate, organize a playdate. The 2-4 hours your kids will spend with the potential nanny will show you how they respond to the nanny. In case you opt for a daycare, make sure it offers flexible hours, outdoor space and reliable employees.

2. Create a family calendar

Identify your family’s priorities. A family calendar will help you monitor the important dates, like birthdays, school events, work projects and bill due dates. It would also be good to spend 15 minutes on a Sunday to prepare for the next week.

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A family calendar will help you monitor the important dates and avoid any unpleasant surprises and things you forget to do

Review the schedule, make the necessary changes and prioritize the obligations. In case you have a nanny, review the calendar together. That way, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises and things you forget to do.

3. Create a home working space

Many women don’t have the necessary conditions to work at home. They are forced to work in uncomfortable offices that are often stuffy, crowded or too cold. It seems that many business owners fail to realize the importance of good working conditions. They don’t see that working space affects our productivity, effectiveness and happiness.

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It is important to have an inspiring decor in your home office

That’s why it would be great if you could make yourself a home office. If you have the opportunity to work at home and have a free room or garage space, why not? It’s tough to balance the life of a mum and a businesswoman. That’s why it’s important to have an inspiring decor in your home office. It keeps you focused when you lack the time and it motivates you when you are out of ideas. Many companies like Impecca Build offer suggestions on how to arrange working space in your home for your specific needs.

4. Start mornings effectively

Be prepared in the morning. Pack the kids’ lunches the night before, decide what you will wear in the morning and have your work papers ready. Every minute counts in the morning and you don’t want the morning to be frantic.

Avoid the chaos in the afternoon by looking at the calendar and checking the obligations. Discuss with your family about any potential changes. A few minutes of a family meeting in the morning is all you need for a smooth day.

5. Be in touch during the day

Stay connected with your kids and husband throughout the day. Use every break at work to call your husband or your kids. Ask them how they feel or if they need anything. Put a cute message in your kids’ bags and in your husband’s briefcase. In case you have a small child, sing a song on a video for them to listen to while you’re at work.

Have pictures of you and your husband in your kids’ room or bags. Even when you’re not there, your family should feel that you are still close to them and thinking of them.

Final words

Yes, it is possible to be successful career and marriage. A successful businesswoman can raise children. A caring mom can build a great career. You can be a good wife and earn really well at the same time. Still, in the end of the day, you can also be able to relax. You can sit in your armchair, watch your favorite show and enjoy your favorite drink. And feel fulfilled and satisfied with your life – feeling complete.

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