6 Rooms to Declutter While at Home

Sleeping, eating, working, relaxing—it’s all done at home right now. That means you’ve had plenty of time to notice what’s lying around your house taking up space. While creating this mental inventory, you’ve probably realized there’s plenty of items you don’t need anymore. If you don’t want to go through your entire house and start removing junk, you can at least choose a room or two. Here are six rooms to declutter while you’re at home.


1. Attic

When was the last time you went into your attic? Attics are notorious for collecting dust and providing a home to items you can’t quite get rid of but don’t want to look at regularly. Carving out time to go through the boxes stashed up there could unearth some amazing memories.

Maybe you’ll discover a long lost family heirloom or a box of photos. Even if you don’t find anything new, you’ll at least be able to figure out what you genuinely want to save and what you can finally let go.

2. Basement

Your basement doesn’t have to be a home for all of your clutter. When you go through the junk that’s piled up down there, whether it’s out in the open or stored away in a closet, you can free up a ton of space. Consider donating items that are still in good condition and recycling items like old electronics.

Once the area is cleared out, start thinking about what you can do in the space. Home gym? New office? Kid’s playroom? The options are endless!

3. Garage

Is your garage so full of knick-knacks, tools, and other miscellaneous items that it’s become impossible to park your car inside? It’s time to declutter. Old power and gardening tools can be rusty, broken, or simply outdated. Children’s sports gear may be piled up to the ceiling. Go through the items in your garage and get rid of what is no longer usable. Consider investing in better storage solutions, too. he garage in your house is meant for your vehicle. Alternatives like a garage for rent or a storage unit would be a better fit for these items. They have more than enough space to hold your tools, equipment, unused furniture and appliances, along with the random boxes and bins.

An additional tip for decluttering your garage: Getting your stuff off the ground and into drawers or cabinets along the garage’s perimeter can make a significant impact. You’ll be happy once you can easily drive straight into your garage and watch the door close behind you.

4. Home Office

Working from home is the new normal. Many people didn’t have time to prepare to make the switch from the office to the house, and the state of their home offices show it. If your home office furniture is uncomfortable or falling apart, an upgrade is crucial. Before you can go around replacing your swivel chair, desk, or storage, you need to get rid of what’s already there.

If some of the items are in okay condition, ask around and see if your friends could use any of your old office furniture. Just think, some people didn’t have designated home offices at all and are creating remote working stations from scratch.

5. Kitchen

Now that you’ve been cooking more meals in your kitchen, have you noticed an abundance of items you no longer need? Over time you’ve probably built up a collection of kitchenware and may not even use half of it. Free up cabinet space by going through your mugs, glasses, dishes, bowls, and thermoses, and toss what you don’t use frequently. Keep in mind how many people live in your home and how much you entertain.


Also, take note of your appliances. If you’ve had them for decades and they’re on their last leg, it might be time for an upgrade. Make sure you properly dispose of old appliances before replacing them with new ones. Check if the appliance company will get rid of the old items for you. If not, JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Auburn, WA says you can hire junk removal professionals. Appliances contain chemicals and toxic substances that affect the environment, so you can’t just leave them on the curb. Professionals will safely dispose of them or donate them if they’re still in good condition.

6. Bedroom

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to keeping your health intact and creating a routine while spending so much time at home. Make sure your bedroom is clutter-free, so you’re able to relax and wind down without being distracted by the mess surrounding you. Your mattress also plays a role in how well you’re sleeping. If your bed is preventing you from receiving a full night’s sleep, consider replacing it. Double-check your town’s policy on how to properly get rid of a mattress and make sure to recycle if you can.

Bottom Line

Decluttering your home is so rewarding. Start the process by rolling up your sleeves and choosing one of the rooms listed above. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and may even rediscover items you’ve long forgotten. Removing useless items from your home allows you to rethink your space and utilize it in new ways. If you’re unsure how to dispose of your junk or it’s simply too much to leave on the curb, professional junk removers are only a call away!

Salman Zafar

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