Organising and Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Everyone loves to have their house constantly organised and clean. Unfortunately for most of us, we are often preoccupied with work and when we get home, we’re simply too tired to pick up the vacuum cleaner or even think about cleaning the house. Since not everyone has the budget to pay for private home cleaning services, most of us use the remaining hours of the day cleaning the house, instead of spending time with our family. It’s important to note however that the cost of home cleaning services aren’t nearly as expensive as you might think.

In this article, we will share some of our best experience in organising and cleaning the home. These cleaning tricks can surely help you jump-start a daily habit of keeping your home pristine and clean without exerting too much effort and time.

Clean your Bedroom

It is important to clean your bedroom on a daily basis. In fact, the bedroom is a good starting point in organising and cleaning your house. Start by making the bed when you wake up in the morning and arrange your things in an orderly manner; fold your blankets, tuck the bed sheets in and fluff up the pillows.

These tricks will surely make an impact in the overall look of your bedroom, without spending too much money on decorations and other furnishings, and without exerting too much energy.

Do Your Laundry Daily

Doing the laundry after getting home from work is better than doing it on the weekend or on your day off. It is best to use a laundry sorting as this will help you in prioritising which clothes you should wash first.

Start by doing at least one load of laundry per day, and adjust appropriately if you still have spare time. This technique will you help you in preventing having a pile of dirty laundry.

Clean Up After Eating

Often we are already tired, especially when the food hits our belly, and the thought of cleaning up after exhausting ourselves cooking it in the first place simply doesn’t sound fun. This is how our kitchens and dining rooms become dirty.

When we choose to go straight to bed after eating without cleaning up our kitchen and dining area, we are inviting germs and bacteria to feast on the crumbs and leftover food on the dirty countertop or on unwashed dishes in the sink.

In order to avoid washing a stack of plates, you want to wash the dishes as well as the kitchen utensils right and after every meal. Washing three to four dishes every meal is easier to accomplish than a high stack of dishes on the weekend.

Washing the dishes is also effortless, in this case, as it would be easier to remove oil stains and food particles from the dishes shortly after eating instead of leaving the plates unwashed for hours or days.

Change your Floor Mats, Carpet

The floor is naturally an absorber of dust and dirt, especially if you often have people coming over. If you have no time to regularly vacuum your floor, you can instead opt for floor mats placed inside and outside every external door in order to limit the dirt carried around by people’s shoes and sandals coming in your home.

When it comes to selecting the right carpet for your house, it is better to think about what you usually clean off your floor, aside from the price you are willing to spend. For instance, if you have pets and the fur they shed is on top of the list you normally sweep off the floor, it would be best to choose a nylon type of carpet as it is easier to clean, durable and more resistant to most stains.


The key to maintaining the house organise and clean is by establishing a feasible daily routine. It is better to set certain cleaning habits that you can keep up with daily than allowing your house chores pile up and face them on the weekends or on your day off.

Indeed, the more you declutter around the house every day, the less you have to worry about house chores in your free time. Hopefully, the cleaning tricks mentioned in this piece can help you start off on your daily routine, which you can always adjust appropriately to better suit your responsibilities and priorities.

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  1. I agree with your tips! I just can’t help my mom not to throw those hings that were not using.
    I do my laundry every two days but I felt like I’ll start to implement it daily. Thanks!

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